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Christmas Hunt


Over the course of four days last week the Eisner family, with the help of local businesses and individuals, gave away a total of 16 gifts to Valley residents playing along with Eisner’s Xmas Stash and Dash Event. "We were able to see online (by views) that there were 600+ people playing along," said Jason Eisner. "We would park in a dark area and watch from afar to see how much action was happening - it was so fun! The town was buzzing! The Valley really should be a training Center for FBI headquarters - we could not believe when some of the presents were found on the first clue - people were really thinking outside the box and it paid off." Eisner noted that each gift was valued at roughly $300. "The response from the community was overwhelming - then word spread as I posted some pics of the donations and so many more wanted to contribute, both business owners and the public. It truly was amazing - We even had someone drop off a thank you gift in our yard and made us find it! I couldn’t have done it without my family's help in all aspects and the donations we received - next year's ideas are already in motion!"