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Broken Windows


A number of Main Street businesses are left picking up the pieces after a fews weeks of criminal activities has lead to a slew of broken windows down and just off Swan River’s main drag. Boarded up windows can be seen at businesses such as Formo Motors, Extra Foods, The Brick, Red Apple and Valley Bearing while reports of a break in to Red Road Compass’ drop-in spot were posted online. “It gets people’s attention when things like this happen,” said RCMP Sgt. Steve Henson. “With the broken windows, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag with some instances being break and enter and some being mischief or hit-and-run damage. There’s a lot of factors at play that are leading to this - a bit of a cross section that is coming to a head. There’s addictions, homelessness and the fact that some people are just predisposed to crime. “Unfortunately, we’re in one of the peaks right now,” he continued, noting that crime ebbs and flows with peaks and troughs. “This time of year is a typical peak. We are doing everything we can to monitor the situation and are finding it can happen anytime - day or night. Having the COPP program has been so important. They have been eyes and ears for reporting in target areas. The Swan Valley is very active with lots of groups and organizations working together to get at root cause issues and they have some really great ideas. But, unfortunately these are long-road solutions.” RCMP encourage business owners, or any property owners, to consider quality camera systems as well as audible alarms. Other simple actions - like have a well-lit interior and exterior - can also deter crime from your property.