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Outdoor service pays tribute to Veterans at Cenotaph


Remembrance Day services in the Swan Valley were plagued with the first snowstorm of the season, but that didn’t stop plenty of people from coming out to their respective services to honour the men and women who put their lives in jeopardy in service of their country.
As the snow fell and the winds blew in front of the Swan River Cenotaph, Royal Canadian Legion Br. 39 President Neil Griffith opened the ceremony by requesting to March on the Colours. O Canada was sang acappella by those in attendance.
Four members from the Roll Call passed on this year. Griffith paid tribute and recognition to Comrade Willard ‘Bill’ Brooks, Comrade Bruce Aneechin, Comrade Esther McQuarrie and Comrade Clifford Gussie.
To signify the soldiers can now rest in peace, David Gnida performed the Last Post. A Minute of Silence was observed, followed by the Rouse and the Act of Remembrance. The Colour Party consisted of Sergeant-at-Arms Allan Martin who enacted the Deposit of Colours. Five wreaths were then placed, representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, RCMP and the Canadian Rangers. 
Several other wreaths were placed by local governments, businesses and organizations, in honour of those who served. 
Pastor Bob Lewis also presented a brief message for those gathered. “We humans are strange creatures, capable of wretched selfishness, but also capable of unimaginable self-sacrifice,” he said. “Give thanks for the men and women we honour on Remembrance Day. They have taught us that courage and honour, like
faith, start out like the tiniest of seeds buried within, but grow to overcome the greatest of challenges.”

Jeremy Bergen