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Community in Bloom despite lack of judging


While there were no Communities in Bloom (CIB) judges to assess the beautification of Swan River, this didn’t stop many local volunteers from making sure that their community is looking its best this summer.
Among the volunteers were Maureen Bowles and Dennis Bowles, Donalda Mills, Phyl Friesen, Carolle Cowan, Melba Tibble, Helen Klimuk Leslie Henkelman, Karen Kennedy, Devon Jorundson, Albert and
Myrna Outhwaite, Stephanie Jersak, June McKenzie, Donna Jorundson, Kate Reid- Thorpe, Doreen and
Frank Miles, Mary Ann Friesen, Bev Potten, Garry Kennedy, Karen Medwid, Cindy Miller, Leon Wohlgemuth, Karen Kosolowsky, Susan Danyluk, Val Beadle, Myrna Scott, Julia Kotyk, Evelyn Immerkar
and Diana Taylor. 
Eggie’s Greenhouse and Terry’s Greenhouse also both contributed to the fresh plants in the area. Eggie’s Greenhouse contributed some highway planters and Terry’s Greenhouse contributed the terrace bed and two pots on Hwy. No. 83 as well as the hanging baskets on Main Street. 
“We are so lucky in our community to have such dedicated volunteers, helping to make the community
stronger, and always willing to lend a hand,” said CIB committee volunteer Maureen Bowles. “It has been a hot and dry month, so a lot of credit goes to Eggie’s and Terry’s for watering the planters.”
Bowles also noted that the Hero Club has been hired to water in the Swan River Legion Park, and have been doing a wonderful job.
“The cemetery beds are planted and watered by volunteers,” she said. “Please, don’t hesitate to pull out a weed when walking in these beautiful green spaces.” Bowles also acknowledged the Town of Swan River and Centennial Arena staff for their contributions as well.9

Jeremy Bergen