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Delaurier and spouse form new singing duo, Scarlett Butler


Former Valley resident Joni Delaurier has been rapidly expanding her musical talents and recently formed a duo, with her husband Troy Kokol, called Scarlett Butler. Both Delaurier and Kokol have been in the music industry for quite some time as accomplished songwriters. 
“We’ve always sang on each other’s solo records, play shows together, and always talked about forming a
duo,” said Kokol. “With the pandemic hitting, it slowed down our solo work, and we had more time at home to create new music together, so it was a natural opportunity.” 
Both Delaurier and Kokol have had a passion for music since they were young and kept pursing the stage after they met. “I play guitar, some piano, a little bass,” noted Delaurier. “I’ve been writing songs since
I was 13, and performed in my teens in and around Swan River. I started seriously writing songs about 15 years ago, with and for other artists, and making trips to Nashville.”
“Honestly for me, I messed around with music pretty much my whole life, but never really committed to anything until we had success with the song Pickup Truck, which Joni and I wrote,” added Kokol. “We were working for the City of Calgary and the song debuted at number 27 and stayed in the top 10 for 12 weeks. All of a sudden we found ourselves in the position as songwriters and since then, our little music
business has had over 300 cuts on recordings in a variety of music genres. Joni and I have both had top ten songs in both Canada and in Australia, and we’ve been having a really fun time with it. “
The song, Pickup Truck, opened a door for both Delaurier and Kokol as they became more recognized, accomplished and award winning artists. 
“In 2008, we won the SOCAN Award, which is a national song writing award, for our song Pickup Truck, and it was recorded by Shane Yellowbird,” said Delaurier. “We’ve also been nominated for the Canadian
Country Music Association Songwriters of the Year. Troy has also won a Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Award as a producer for Album of the Year, for Jerry Sereda’s most recent album.”
Scarlett Butler’s new single, Love Me Like California has some personal inspiration to the song and really resonates with Delaurier and Kokol. They feel the song reflects a place in the marriage that they are both fond of and cherish.
“We were married in Swan River in 2010 and then honeymooned throughout Oregon and California,” noted Delaurier. “We fell in love with the West Coast and it’s what we consider to be our happy place. I
was on a plane to Nashville and trying to come up with ideas for my time there, and sang ‘ohhhh you love me like California’ into my phone. The next day I was writing with my friends Bill diLuigi and Heidi Raye, and we jumped on it. Essentially the message in the song is that we all love to travel, but the truth is, 
when you’re with your favourite person, you can have that sunshine feeling anywhere.“ 
Love Me Like California was released yesterday and is now available for requests to be played on any country music station. It’s also available on Spotify, Apple Music or any other online music-streaming
platform. This isn’t the first song released by Scarlett Butler, they also had some success with another song they wrote. 
“Our first song Looking for a Lockdown With You started as a gag with some radio friends back in December, who wanted us to write a silly song with that title for their radio show,” explained Kokol. “We
finished the song, and they loved what we did with it. We all knew we wanted to do some good with it, and it was a pretty rough time for a lot of people. We made some calls, and country legends Duane Steele
and Michelle Wright, and Aaron Goodvin came on board, and then CBC Heartland’s Amber Marshall joined us. “We raised quite a bit of money for the Unison Benevolent Fund, which helps the music industry,
that was hit pretty hard with the shutdown of essentially all shows the last year and a half. We ended up charting in the top 50 on Billboard Canada, which is really tough for a new artist to do. It was a pretty amazing response, for what started as a way to just give people a smile during a tough year.” 
Scarlett Butler is currently working on several new songs and material to go towards a future album.
“Our creative output is going to be steady throughout the next year and a half and we will work towards a full album in late 2022, but you can expect to see some individual songs and other content from us in the meantime,” concluded Kokol.
To find out more about what Scarlett Butler is up to, you can follow them on Instagram @weareScarlettButler and Facebook.