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An unlikely friendship formed near Cowan


Spotting wildlife out in nature can be breathtaking and exciting at the best of times. For Gordie and Arlene Boychuk in Cowan, they’ve experienced it on a whole different level. “We first spotted a moose out along the bush line near our farm,” explained Gordie Boychuk. “It was around middle of December, we noticed that the moose crossed the road and headed towards a small hay field, where our neighbours
have their horse. When the horse first spotted the moose, it was kind of curious, but when it tried to come closer, the horse would back off and move away. 
“This went on for a while and every week, when the moose would appear, the horse seemed to get braver
and braver and allow it to come closer. We were able to snap a few pictures of the two of them close together.”
Boychuk has never seen an interaction like this where a moose would come so close to a horse, and on a continual basis.
“We usually see the moose every week or week and a half,” noted Boychuk. “It’s a female and it could be having a baby or about to very soon. Hopefully it will return with a baby moose calf in tow.”