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Mental Health Buddies creations bringing smiles during tough times Crystal Kublick with her fluffy creations . SUBMITTED


Everyone is looking for something to help him or her get through the pandemic and tough times in general. Former Valley resident, Crystal Kublick, found a new passion that started with learning a new 
“I started crocheting this past year and I have always been big on advocating for mental health, as well my family and friends are too,” explained Kublick. “Personally I have had struggles with mental health, so I wanted to do something to give back to others to help them get through their tough times. The funny part is my sister and I started crocheting at the same time without even knowing it. So she helped me with the concept for this idea and I really have her to thank for it. 
“While I was learning to crochet, I joked around with a friend of mine that I would make her a baby Yoda and it started from there. I can’t follow a pattern so I freehand everything I do with no instruction. I just kind of went with what I felt was right and began making animals and different creatures. 
I started making my Mental Health Buddies for friends and family, and then I began selling them to offset the costs associated with making them.” 
The Mental Health Buddies come with a satchel inside that people can put drops of essential oils and rice or dried flowers to give them a nice scent. Kublick has received numerous compliments for her Mental Health Buddies and people, who purchased one, have shared with her how it has helped them. They are excellent to give to a loved one in the hospital or care home or are perfect for younger children or people of all ages to help with mental health.
“Just recently when I went back home to Swan River, I had a former coworker who bought two of them, tell me she gave one to her grandmother who was about to go for surgery,” said Kublick. “She told me her grandmother absolutely loves her Mental Health Buddy. Her grandmother used to crochet and said I did a really good job and this would help keep her calm before her surgery. I was so touched by that.”
Kublick and her sister have created a Facebook page called Kublick Sister’s Crochet Creations. She has
made around 20 of the Mental Health Buddies to date. Some she has given away, others sold for the cost of $30 and now she is thinking about expanding on the idea. “I am thinking about doing custom orders for people,” noted Kublick.
“I know people may want certain characters or colours, so I am in the works of putting something together on that level.
“I just reached out to the Canadian Mental Health Association and heard back from them. I want to work with them and start donating to them when I make a profit, because it’s very important to me to give
back. I know so many people struggle with mental health and it’s slowly becoming more openly talked about, but it’s still not at the level where it should be.” What started out as a way to take Kublick’s
mind off the pandemic, has accomplished so many goals, from helping others with their mental health to creating awareness of it. 
“Honestly crocheting in general has helped me to keep calm through this pandemic,” concluded Kublick. “I
don’t have to focus on other things around me when I am crocheting. And the biggest part for me is that I love putting smiles on people’s faces. When I know people are struggling and I can be a part in making them smile and making their day better, it means the world to me. I wanted to make Mental Health
Buddies so I could help others.”