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Cement Works donates benches and mats to improve outdoor rink


The outdoor rink outside of the Swan River Centennial Arena is a little more user friendly after Cement Works donated some rubber mats and more benches to make putting on skates safer and easier.
Since the indoor change room has been off limits with the current COVID-19 restrictions, skaters were
utilizing a single bench outside, with mats from the bench to the rink entrance. “We saw a need, as
there were kids sitting in the snow getting skates tied as there wasn’t room for everyone to social distance on the bench,” said Cement Works Owner Calvin Bordian. “There is less chance of damaging
skate blades walking on rubber matting than in the snow. We had the time and product available, so we met the need.”
Cement Works noted on their Facebook page that the rubber tile is available for sale for anyone else that might want it for around their backyard rinks, but Bordian noted that meeting the need in the community
was the primary purpose of doing what they did. 
Town of Swan River Acting CAO Patti Henkelman added that the mats and benches are a wonderful addition to the outdoor arena facility. “As we are unable to open the change rooms due to COVID-19 restrictions, these items are welcomed by the patrons, and they have seen a lot of use,” she said, adding
her immense appreciation to Cement Works on behalf of the Town of Swan River.

Jeremy Bergen