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Freezing rain puts drivers in dangerous situation


There are many reasons to be grateful for a mild winter, but one of the consequences of warmer temperatures in January is freezing rain, which made for a treacherous evening in the Swan Valley on
Wednesday (Jan. 13).
The weather made the roads slippery enough to the point where the Swan Valley School Division announced that, for the following day, not only were all buses not running, but schools were closed as well so teachers would not be required to attend. This cancellation included remote classes as teachers would not be able to utilize their inschool resources.
Schools were reopened on Friday (Jan. 15) but bus service did not resume. There were numerous road incidents reported to local RCMP after an accident – on the S-curve east of Swan River near the junction of Hwy. No. 10 East and P.R. No. 488 – was called in at approximately 5:11 p.m.. Police reported about 15 vehicles were involved, including two semitrailers hauling logs.
The road was covered in black ice due to the heavy ice rain. The vehicles only had reported light damage,
and no injuries were reported. Swan River RCMP, Swan River Fire Department and Shared Health Emergency Medical Services attended and the road was closed to traffic for several hours.
Later on in the evening at 7:42 p.m., police also received a call from a semi driver stating that he slid on the highway with his semi when he was trying to turn onto Hwy. No. 83. “A large hauling truck gave him a pull to get his truck straightened out,” said Swan River RCMP Sergeant Steve Henson. “All was good and the driver ended up parked at a safe location for the night, just outside of Swan River.”
Emergency services did not need to attend the scene of this accident. Several other reports of vehicles ending up in ditches also surfaced from Valley residents on social media throughout the evening.

Jeremy Bergen