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Dreger becomes an overnight TikTok sensation


TikTok has become an ever growing and popular form of social media and some of the people posting have received worldwide attention. Former Minitonas resident, Kellen Dreger, never thought in a million
years it would happen to her.
Dreger grew up on her parent’s farm in Minitonas and attended school in Swan River. She went on to become a hairdresser in 2011. Now she just finished three years of nursing studies and will be graduating
this December. “I am a mom who has three little boys and my husband and farm here in Young, Sask.,” said Dreger. “The town is the roughly the same size as Minitonas and it’s about an hours drive southeast
of Saskatoon.”
Dreger has always had an interest in singing. She grew up listening to her mom and aunts singing and she also sang in the church choir. “I have always just sang for fun,” explained Dreger. “I mostly sang
in church in Minitonas. My mom and aunts are all good singers, so I always sang along with them too. I just dabbled a bit with it here and there and never really took it very seriously, so this is all really kind of a big fluke.”
As a child she took piano lessons, but her heart was just not into playing piano, instead really wanted to learn to play the guitar. When she got older, she taught herself how to play guitar by tinkering around and watching instructional videos online. Dreger has never performed or sang in front of huge crowds or audiences on a professional level. Just last year, she shocked herself by entering a Shania Twain singing competition and placing third overall. 
“I haven’t done anything like writing my own songs or performing at bookings, but last year there was this competition in Saskatoon called Sing Like Shania that I participated in,” said Dreger. “I am a huge
Shania Twain fan.
There was 35 contestants competing by performing a series of her songs, with the first place winner 
getting a chance to meet her. I was fortunate to get third place in that and I won tickets to her concert and a bunch of swag merchandise. So really, that is the extent of my public singing.” Dreger recently
posted a video on TikTok of her singing a song entitled, She won’t be lonely very long, by country music artist, Clay Walker. The video features Dreger playing the guitar and singing acapella.
“This is all pretty random,” explained Dreger. “The song I am singing in the video has kind of blown up on TikTok. I have only actually started using the app last month. There are a bunch of videos on there that follow an algorithm to what you like or what you have been watching. “So I started seeing videos for the song, She won’t be lonely long, and I knew that song from the 90s. As I was scrolling through, I was seeing all these young kids singing this song and so I decided to record myself singing it. In the caption I put, ‘In honour of the fact that TikTok has finally discovered the man, Clay Walker. I have always loved his
music.’ Then I actually tagged him to the video.” “I posted it on Nov. 6 and I never thought he would ever see it,” she continued. “Clay Walker gets tagged in thousands of posts a day. I checked my phone and it said I had over 300 notifications from TikTok. I was confused at first, then when I saw comments on my other posts that Clay Walker had done a duet to my video on TikTok. People were leaving me messages saying, ‘Imagine being this girl who is asleep and not knowing that Clay Walker did a duet with you’.
“So I opened it up and then I saw his face next to mine, which is called dueting a video. At first I thought it was a joke and that someone did that. Then I clicked on it and here he was, walking along his porch,
singing along to me. I was in absolute shock. The first thing I thought of was, I have to call my dad.”
In the video, Clay Walker comments on what a great voice Dreger has. The TikTok video has over 550,000 views with over 70,000 likes. Dreger has been unable to scroll through all the comments to read
them and see who else has liked it. Although Dreger has not personally heard from Clay Walker since the video, she has had a request from a songwriter who writes for the artist Luke Combs, to follow her on Instagram. “I commented on the video, ‘If you are ever in Saskatoon, don’t forget me’,” noted Dreger. “He liked that comment.”
Dreger has no plans to give up her nursing career for singing. It will always be something she does as a side hobby for enjoyment. “I think singing will always just be for fun,” concluded Dreger. “I love to sing, and I love to sing with my kids, friends and for little things here and there, such as the dinner theatre
in town that raises money for the community. I don’t think I would ever want to do it as a career. I really have found my passion in nursing and I love helping people. “I am a small town girl through and through. I don’t like the city and I much rather the quiet life. Plus I am very happy where I am at.”