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Asking the community to get in the holiday spirit


COVID-19 has put a damper on a few things in the Valley this holiday season, from craft sales, to  Christmas concerts, to holiday shopping and more. With the recent postponement of Mistletoe Magic, due to public health officials’ regulations, many residents are looking for a bright shiny light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.
Town of Swan River Councillor Phyllis Friesen has just the answer. “With the change in plans for Mistletoe
Magic I felt we needed to do something to brighten up the holidays,” said Friesen. “If everyone could dig out their outdoor Christmas lights and ornaments to decorate their houses, we can give residents something fun and safe to do for this festive season. People can drive around the area and check out the local light displays. There is nothing more cheerful than seeing beautifully bright Christmas lights.”
“People probably have lots of decorations that they have not likely put up every year, but this could be the exception. They could go that extra mile, decorate their homes, get people to drive around town and look at all the lights, because we do need something cheerful to look forward to.” Everyone has a fond
memory of Christmas and the holiday season and this is no exception for Friesen.
“After I moved to Swan River, we used to always drive out to the Kern’s farm about a mile out of town,” recalled Friesen. “That always impressed me because it was just beautiful. They did so much work and their big silo was decorated and lit up like a Christmas candle. It was just unbelievable.” 
The Star and Times welcomes those individuals who are decorating their homes for the holidays to submit a photo of their lit up home to editor@starandtimes.ca by Dec. 11 to appear in the Christmas publication.
If you are not able to photograph it yourself, please let us know so that we can come out and do so for you.