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Soccer season goes ahead despite lack of games


The soccer players of the SVRSS may not have any games to play this season, but that hasn’t stopped  the Boys program from continuing forward with practices this fall, following recommendations set out
by Soccer Manitoba, Public Health and the Swan Valley School Division. 
Some of the new rules that will need to be follow include all players self-assessing for COVID-19 symptoms before each practice, being screened by Coach Lise Fraser prior to practice as well and showing
proof of parent consent for the athlete’s participation. 
Many other requirements are being implemented during practice times, such as wearing masks during most times with some exceptions, stopping for sanitization breaks as well as water breaks and ensuring
that players bring their own labelled water bottles, hand sanitizer, two masks and a light and a dark shirt as pinnies will not be available. “The physical and social benefits from playing soccer, even in a shortened season such as this year are very important for our student athletes,” said Fraser. “They are excited at
having an opportunity to play in our practices even though there will not be any games against other teams. Our Grade 12 players will have a chance to get together to wrap up their high school soccer career
and our Grade 9 players will have an introduction to high school soccer.”
Fraser, alongside fellow coach Paul Terry, sees improvements in players from the beginning of the season to the end, which usually starts with practices in August and wrapping up with gameplay in mid-
“This year, we will not have as much time with our players, but we are thankful that we have an opportunity to hold practices and we know the players will benefit from them,” she said. “As for the possibility of games in the spring, the SVRSS soccer teams will only practice and play during our
regularly scheduled season which is in the fall of the school year. There are other school sports
scheduled for the spring time. “We are looking forward to getting onto the field with our players
during the next few weeks.”
Spectators will not be allowed at practices this year according to guidelines set out by the Manitoba
Soccer Association and Public Health.