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On The Bank


Last week crews from Campbell Construction descended on the Swan River Legion Park to work on grading and stabilizing the bank of the Swan River on the northeast portion of the park. The project was a partnership between the Swan Lake Watershed District and the Town of Swan River and was the second section of that stretch of the riverbank to receive stabilization to prevent further erosion – the west bank being completed about four years prior. “This project took care of 50 metres on the very east side so there is still a section in the middle to be done,” said Director of Public Works Derek Poole. "The bank has been sliding into the river pretty heavily and we had to actually reshape the bank before putting in the (stone). We do have a manmade sandbag dike that was covered years ago and it hadn't eaten into that yet but we didn't want that to happen either." Now and for years to come, the Legion Park will be protected from the river's erosion.