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Town plans to reopen repaired facility in January


Swan Valley’s swimmers and aquatic enthusiasts will have to wait longer to make use of the Swan Valley Credit Union Aquatic Centre (SVCUAC).
While the Town of Swan River had budgeted for a September open of the recreation facility in the 2020 Financial Plan, the necessary repairs needed to bring the pool back to a desired standard have not yet been completed.
“We anticipate re-opening to the public in January 2021,” said Mayor Lance Jacobson in a press release late last month. “We have been diligently working on preparing for the much-needed work to the aquatic facility. A contract has been awarded and work will begin in early September.”
Work that will be done in the SVCUAC will include:
• increasing ventilation in the main pool hall which includes replacing the ducting;
• adding adequate ventilation to the crawlspace and chemical rooms:
• increasing the efficiency of the dehumidification units; and
• installing a missing water feature in the tots pool.
The repairs to make the hot tub functional again are also expected to be completed during the shut-down period.
“There are a few other items to tend to related to the exterior walls, windows and roof that we do not anticipate needing to shut down for,” said Acting Town Manager and Assistant CAO Patti Henkelman.
She added that the process of getting the required drawings and tendering for the project has been worked on since early 2020, and while this process was taking place, routine maintenance and repairs of the facility have continued.
“We did not anticipate the shutdown due to COVID-19, so we could not have prepared any differently,” said Henkelman. “While we tried very hard to take advantage of the unexpected closure, the tender and award process takes time. We awarded the project in early August and the contractor is working very hard to obtain supplies, which is complicated due to shortages attributed to COVID-19.
“They are on track to begin work in early September.”