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Local farmer builds maze through shelterbelt crop


Nothing says harvest-time fun quite like a corn maze and one Bowsman-area family is lucky enough to have one in their front yard.
Out of necessity to have a windbreak around their yard, Tyler and Becky Schullman planted about five acres of corn around their property.
“We’ve had a difficult time establishing trees as each winter they would winterkill without any shelter,” said Becky Schullman. “We decided to put up corn as a shelter belt instead (of trying again).”
As the corn grew in the large plot in front of their house, Tyler had the idea of making a maze for his children.
“When the corn was still fairly small, he mowed a path from one end to the other and then created multiple dead ends from the original path to create a maze,” said Becky Schullman. “We call it Tyler’s hobby crop. He spent hours out there working on it.
“We’ve learned quite a bit about field corn with this experiment and have had a lot of fun with it. We look forward to the shelter it will provide this winter.”
While the corn maze hasn’t been open to the general public, they have invited some friends and family to explore it this summer.

Jeremy Bergen