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One Day Soon offers hope during pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all differently. For Swan River product Joni Delaurier – daughter of Syl and Vivian Delaurier – it would bring inspiration that would help lift the spirits of the residents of the city of Calgary where she currently resides.
Her track, One Day Soon, was released on May 14 with all proceeds going to the Calgary and area COVID-19 Community Response Fund – a joint initiative between The City of Calgary and the United Way. The piece was also accompanied by a video showing clips of Delaurier singing the song mixed with shots of the city and its people.
“I had been extremely busy with my job,” said Delaurier, a communications professional who works with the Calgary Emergency Management Agency. “I would wake up with details I needed to remember for work – I feel like everyone was going through this global insomnia at the time.
“One night I woke up and it was music in my head instead and I sleepily sang it into my phone, with the only words “one day soon” and a bunch of la la la’s.
“My first real set of days off, I sat down and wrote One Day Soon... a reminder to me and others that this (COVID-19 pandemic) will pass,” she continued. “We will eventually get to the other side of this and resume all the things we love. We just have to be patient.”
Delaurier added that while she spends a lot of her job trying to write reassuring and clear messages about COVID-19 to City of Calgary residents, music and songwriting is a way for her to speak right to people’s hearts.
“I played it for the Chief of Emergency Management, who is a huge music fan, and he played it for Mayor Nenshi and it just kind of took off from there,” said Delaurier. “The Mayor launched it at a press conference and said how much he loved it and that it made him cry.”
The song starts out by reflecting on “the old days, when we could get outside the house” and how those days are missed. Throughout the chorus’ and subsequent verses, Delaurier talks about all the activities that Calgarians love to do and drops the names of neighbourhoods, facilities and hot spots.
The tune is a hopeful reminder that “one day soon” we will all be able to resume the activities and see the people that we love.
“It has been really amazing to see how people have connected to it; even though the landmarks in the song are from Calgary, people from other cities have messaged me to say they feel the same way about their cities,” said Delaurier. “Some people who have moved away have gotten in touch to say it has made them homesick for Calgary.
“It’s been played on CBC, CTV, radio stations and even made the Global National News. The Global national news anchor called it a message of hope and I think that was a moment where I felt very proud; we all need some hope right now and I am happy my little song could give people that in days like these.
“I’ve called the song my ‘love letter to Calgary’, where I’ve lived since leaving home after high school,” she continued. “I’m incredibly proud to come from Swan River though and I guess I should work on a version of the song with Swan Valley references!
“Maybe ‘one day, we’ll be hanging in the Valley. Coffee at Qwik Stop and the Pizza Place for lunch.” Because that and spending time with my family are the things I like to do when I’m home visiting!”
The song is for sale at jonidelaurier.bandcamp.com.