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Season Postponed


Stock car fans and participants will have to wait a little longer to enjoy the excitements of the Swan Valley Speedway, as the Swan Valley Stock Car Club (SVSCC) has postponed the beginning of their 2020 racing season until July 3.
Two racing days were tentatively scheduled in June, but after the SVSCC members were consulted, the consensus was that it was better to push back the first race of the year.
SVSCC President Mark Maga hopes to use the extra month to organize an effort to finish some improvements at the Speedway grounds, which could be more difficult to do while a season with fans is ongoing.
“We had moved our concession onto a concrete pad where our bathrooms are, and have to finish some of the plumbing for that,” he said. “And, we are hoping to get a new announcer stand up this June.”
Maga noted that he is not sure whether all the projects on the list are going to get finished by July, but another item to work on is setting up lights around the track to accommodate night racing.
“Now that we can have up to 50 people outside, we want to get people together to see if we can start getting things done,” he said, referring to the recent relaxing of public gathering restrictions from the Province.
“It’s looking good and I’m hoping to be able to start (racing) in July.”

Jeremy Bergen