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Family puts down new roots with greenhouse


For years Cox’s Greenhouse sat on the corner of Third Avenue North and Second Street North. Through their love for plants, Jim and Joan Cox served to brighten the houses and gardens of the Valley.
Now under new ownership, another family has taken over the space, making it their own and renaming the well-known facility to Eggie’s Greenhouse.
Sean, Brandy, Jordyn and Easten Eggie have been spending the better part of the last year preparing for this month in which they opened the doors and welcomed the public into their new space.
“I worked for eight years previously at another greenhouse,” said Brandy Eggie. “I started loving it more and more each year and I think Sean thought I should get a greenhouse just so that I stopped bringing plants home.
“We have a large garden and lots of flowers at home every year. We do lots of canning and such for winter. And, we have a lot of house plants – cactus’ and succulents – all that kind of stuff.
“I never wanted to have my own business, ever. It was never a dream but (when Cox’s came up for sale) Sean really felt it was the right direction for us. I thought about it and it really made sense.”
“She was doing so much work at the greenhouse she was at previously but not getting the rewards that would come if it was her own,” added Sean Eggie. “This was an opportunity that came up where she could really put her love into it and everything that she does is her accomplishment.”
Offering a full range of flowers, plants, trees, shrubbery and vegetables, Eggie’s Greenhouse also sells containers of all sizes, does custom planting and will handle the planting and watering of the Town of Swan River’s community planters on Main Street.
“Everything that Cox’s Greenhouse was doing before we are still offering plus some extras,” said Sean Eggie. “We are not taking away any of the services that they had.
“We have expanded our greenhouse as well as done some cleanup and remodeling. We put new fencing up and added 80 feet of new greenhouse space. We are going to continue with more fence this year and continue cleaning things up.”
“It’s really a process and it will take us a few years to get things the way that we want,” added Brandy Eggie, noting that one thing they have worked on for this season is expanding the plant selection.
“With us being new to the business I think that we can bring a fresh perspective. I really watch the trends and try to bring some of those things to keep it fresh but I also still try to cater to the long-time favourites that everyone has.”
As with most greenhouses, the season runs from the beginning of May till the end of June with trees and shrubbery available a little further into the summer. But, the work starts long before the doors open to the public.
“We start ordering the product in October but don’t start filling trays until February,” said Brandy Eggie, noting there are three full-time staff that help along with Sean’s mom. “March is go time and we get all the plants growing. We get the heaters going at this time to get the plants going and keep them happy.”
With expenses adding up and no revenue possible before the beginning of May, the stress of owning a new business was doubled by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic which had greenhouses banned from opening until just a short time ago.
“It was a stressful start, not knowing what was going to happen,” said Sean Eggie. “But, now that they have lifted many restrictions it will make things much easier. It’s really encouraging.
“While customers are free to come in, following social distancing rules, we do have an order form for those that still want to isolate as much as they can and we offer curbside pickup for those orders.”
Farming 9,000 acres, managing 120 head of cattle and owning a greenhouse on top of family activities and sports keeps the Eggie family extremely busy.
“We’re spread pretty thin but you just make it work,” said Sean Eggie. “You find a way to fit it in and it just happens.”
“I think about the kids too and I hope that this will be a job for them as they get older and it will continue to be a family thing,” added Brandy Eggie.
Now open 7 days a week the Eggie family and their employees are ready to serve all your gardening needs.
“We’ve had some really great compliments on the quality of our product just in the few days that we have been open already,” said Sean Eggie.
“That’s something that we are really proud of. I know people will be curious about what we will offer as new owners so we encourage them to come out and see for themselves.”