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Locally Tested


Yesterday, Manitoba public health officials announced that there are currently 37 active cases of patients with COVID-19, five of which are hospitalized, none are in intensive care.
The number of deaths in Manitoba due to COVID-19 remains at six, and the number of individuals who have recovered stands at 238.
Last week, there were 61 active cases, 205 recoveries, and six deaths recorded in total.
In the last seven days, 3,903 tests have been performed, bringing the total since February up to 27,446. The total number of lab-confirmed positive and probable cases that have been found in Manitoba stands at 281.
Yesterday was also the first day that Phase 1 of social distancing restrictions was removed, allowing more businesses and services to open that had been forced to close during the entire month of April.
“This is not a return to normal,” said Shared Health Chief Nursing Officer Lanette Siragusa during yesterday’s press briefing. “Services that can be delivered virtually should be delivered in that way. Screening for staff and patients will continue and appropriate PPE must be utilized.
“This is a gradual resumption of services using a phased approach that addresses the highest priority patients first. All Manitobas should still take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, including physical distancing, strict hand hygiene and staying home if you are ill.”
Between April 21 and April 27, the Manitoba RCMP received 99 calls related to COVID-19. The majority of the calls were reports of ten or more people gathering at a location and not respecting the orders in place under The Public Health Act.
Enforcement was not required for most of the calls as they either did not fall under the purview of the RCMP or were resolved through education and/or guidance given by responding officers.
In seven instances, officers attended the location of the complaint and issued a verbal warning.
Manitobans living outside of Winnipeg are reminded not to call 911 for COVID-19 related issues. Reports of non-compliance can be made to the Manitoba Government Inquiry line at 1·866·626·4862.

Jeremy Bergen