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Spot Light on: Morgan Terry


Claiming the record for All Time Goal Scoring with 53 goals in 55 games, the Most Goals in a Single Season record – 22 goals in his graduating season – and the Leading Scorer title for three of his four seasons, Morgan Terry has cemented himself as an SVRSS Tiger that will be remembered for his dedication to the game and his drive on the pitch – skills that were apparent from a very young age.
Watching a two year old Terry kicking a soccer ball in his back yard in London, England no one would have expected him to one day break SVRSS records playing here in his high school years – but, that’s exactly what he did.
“I knew then he would be able to play,” said SVRSS Tigers Boys’ Soccer Head Coach and father Paul Terry. “He would take every opportunity to play whenever and wherever he could.”
Growing up with a love of the game helped Terry reach the accomplishments of his today.
“I coached him from the age of seven until we moved here,” said Paul Terry. “We would finish the game on a Saturday morning and head off to the stadium to watch our team Fulham FC play. He learned a lot from watching live professional soccer.
“When we moved here in 2015, I coached him in recreational soccer before I took over at the high school for his Grade 11 and 12 years.
“That’s a lot of games played and watched together and a lot of memories made.
“Obviously I’m very proud of how far he has come and what he has accomplished. Watching him grow and find himself as a player has been wonderful to see. He’s come a long way.”
From the minor soccer league of London, England to the large scale field of high school hockey, Terry has always remained loyal to the game.
“I have been playing for as long as I can remember,” he said. “From school teams to little league teams, club soccer, coaching community courses in London, recreational soccer and high school soccer here in Canada. My first proper game was in 2010 at the age of 6, for the Mini Greens in Mitcham Little League, South London.”
Wearing number seven on his back then too, Terry believed it was the start of something great with big influences behind him.
“My coaches of my first little league team in London, Michael and Junior, who got me started (really influenced my game),” he said. “And, of course my dad who’s coached me and taken me all across England to see games.”
However, it is not a feat that Terry was able to claim without a little help on the pitch – he credits the entire SVRSS team for his success.
“My teammates were pleased for me and it was a constant topic during the season for us,” he said. “They all encouraged me to break the record and that meant a lot to me. I am pleased to be able to leave with something to show for my time playing.”
Noted as being his most memorable moment of his soccer career, Terry’s father had his jersey and a plaque explaining his accomplishments framed as a Christmas gift to the leading goal scorer.
“It’s a nice keepsake to remember,” said Morgan Terry. “I’m very proud of it. I had some very good times as a Tiger and this helps me remember them all.”
As they say, records are made to be broken, and there is already an SVRSS Tiger’s player with his eye on the records that Terry has put forward.
“The rivalry will continue in our house,” said Paul Terry. “His younger brother Austin already has his eyes on the record and has told Morgan, in no uncertain terms, he is coming for it.”
Austin Terry has counted 17 goals so far in his SVRSS soccer career and has two years left to collect the outstanding 19 goals to break the record his brother set forward. But, those are big shoes to fill as Morgan Terry’s love for the game seems to only be getting started.
“The game is in his blood,” said Paul Terry. “Where ever he wants to take it, I will be happy as long as he is happy. If he continues to play, great. If he chooses not to then that’s fine by me too. Whatever happens you don’t lose your love of the game and I’m sure he will be involved to some degree.
“He also is a qualified referee and helps out coaching too.”
While Terry’s plans as of graduation in June seem to remain undetermined, the prolific goal scorer seems sure of one thing – the game he loves.
“I am still undecided about my post secondary plans,” he said. “If I do go to college or university I would continue to play. If I don’t choose to go then I’m sure I will continue to coach and referee games as well as play games here when I can. Either way I will remain involved in soccer.”

Jakki Lumax