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When in Doubt, just add Glitter


A love of glitter, sometimes quirky or personalized sayings and always leaving a smile on someone’s face, turned Cyndi Miles from a woman with a talent to a recent Swan River business owner in a matter of two years’ time.
Miles started creating glitter dipper mugs and personalized glasses from her basement in 2017 and since then has grown to offer many different gifting items available for purchase at her new Fifth Avenue North store front Cyndi Miles Design.
Miles’ customers love the personal touches that they are able to dream in reality with such products as key chains, puzzles, mugs, pillows, shirts, blankets and many more to hand stamped rings, bracelets, bottle openers and necklaces.
“I love seeing how excited the person ordering them is to gift them,” she said. “I am so grateful that I can create something that another person will treasure.”
While Miles offers many different creations, her sparkle tumblers top the list of favourites to make.
“I love creating the custom tumblers,” she said. “Whether it has a sassy quote or a beautiful saying, it is a gem that my customers treasure. I can either glitter, hydro dip or use inks to make a wood grain or a galaxy tumbler. Each one is unique and handmade with great pleasure.”
In August, Miles made the big move from at home crafter to business owner allowing her customers easier access to her products.
“It was a tough move because I loved working from home,” said Miles. “But, I knew that it was more convenient for my customers to have a place to shop. I love having a store front. I connect with so many people every day and, with my new retail space, I was also able to have a larger studio space upstairs that I am transforming for a creative space where I will be offering various workshops.”
Tumbler, hand stamped jewellery and craft workshops are some of the options that have already been available for adults in the Valley to participate in at Cyndi Miles Design and have been filled to capacity.
“My goal for these workshops is for ladies to be able to enjoy a night out, laugh and build a community where we build each other up,” she said. “It is amazing to sit around a table of 10 ladies, that have only seen each other out in the community, give advice and cheer each other on.”
Never wanting to leave anyone out, Miles has recently started offering workshops for youth aged 10 and up.
“It’s 10 evenings and they will be creating six or more beautiful crafts that they will be able to use or gift,” said Miles. I want a place where they can come and be creative and have a space to call their own.”
While the workshops Miles offers may be to catered to the women of the Valley, she definitely does not fall short from joining in on all the fun.
“First of all, we laugh – like a lot,” she said. “It is a space where when you walk in and leave all of your problems at the door. We are all busy with children, work and life but everyone deserves an evening to laugh with your best friend or, if you are new to the community, a safe place to come and meet other people.”
While it’s not always all fun and games, it’s the lasting effects of the creations that touch Miles’ heart the most.
“I love what I do,” she said. “I find being creative is a great outlet for my anxiety and I want other people to have the same opportunity. When I am working with a customer to create a design, I put my whole heart in it. Many of these gems have a special story and I am so proud when they are given.”
And, while Miles is usually the only one in the studio, Cyndi Miles Design is definitely not a one woman show as she gives great credit to those behind her pushing her to highest limits.
“I have been very blessed with the support of our community,” said Miles. “I have a group of women behind me cheering me on and have supported me during some tough times.”
The self-proclaimed ‘Glitter Queens’ continue to give Miles ideas of new designs to try and share her business ideas in person or through social media. But, perhaps her biggest fans of all come in the smallest packages. Her two young daughters – Paige and Kaylee – continue to think of their mom as someone to be incredibly proud of.
“They always encourage me and love to show off the new pillows or water bottles,” she said. “They love to be in the product photos.”
And, while life is usually incredibly busy for all of us, Miles’ creations remind us that a small gesture can go a long way and that it’s always important to show someone how much they mean to us.
“We are all so busy,” said Miles. “I love when you take the time to recognize someone special to you. We need to remember to take time for our family and our friends.”

Jakki Lumax