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Back to the gridiron


Expectations are high as Justin Petelski looks to coach the SVRSS Tigers’ Football team in what could be one of their best seasons yet.
This past weekend (Aug. 22-26) he was able to watch all the talent coming up for the senior football team during the Swan Valley Tigers Football Camp. Previously, from Aug. 13-22 he was able to assess the juniors that are stepping up to continue to build skill or start their journey with football all together.
“Between junior and senior players we had approximately 45 athletes out this last week,” said Petelski.
Compared to recent years, the juniors had higher numbers on the field while the seniors were very similar to before.
The players’ determination displayed during drills, one on ones and scrimmage play has Petelski and the other coaches looking towards a very successful season.
“We have a fair amount of returning players on offence,” said Petelski. “Our passing game should be very strong with the return of last year’s league leading reciever Tyler Van Kleek and league most valuable player in quarterback Cody Eisner. With new additions Trey Sauder and Joel Campbell on offence we are expecting that to be our strong point.”
With the season ramping up to begin in just a short couple weeks, goals are being set out as to what this crew can actually achieve.
“It’s been a long off season,” said Petelski. “It has been a long time since we lost the last game of the year and losing in the final last year is still on all the coaching staff and returning players’ minds. I’m excited to play them again this year and even the score.
“I expected us to finish in the top four and have a chance at the championship. We have the talent but it always comes down to the players – the work and sacrifice and desire needs to come from the players.”
Aside from the two all-star players returning, the Tigers look to see an impressive year from William Windsor.
“He’s at a new position at fullback,” said Petelski. “He is very fast and we’re hoping for a big year from him.”
On the defensive side of the field, Grade 12 player Morgan Staniland will look to make his own history.
“He has been at or near the top of the league in tackles the last two years,” said Petelski. “We are hoping his Grade 12 year will be extra special.”
All of the senior talent will come together on their home turf on Sept. 7 when they open the season with fans cheering in the stands.
The junior schedule had not yet been set at press time.

Jakki Lumax