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Three candidates vie for your provincial election vote


The writ for Manitoba’s 42nd general election were issued on Aug. 12, which kicked off the official campaign for the Sept. 10 election.
The newly realigned electoral division of Swan River – which hugs the Saskatchewan border from Dawson Bay to Rossburn – has three officially confirmed candidates that will be running for the position of MLA.
The incumbent candidate Rick Wowchuk is running for the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba (PC), which was the most recent party that formed government, and is led by Brian Pallister. Pallister has led the PCs since 2012 and served as premier since the last election in 2016.
Candidate Shelley Wiggins represents the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP), led by Wab Kinew. Kinew has headed up the Official Opposition since 2017, when he defeated former NDP cabinet minister Steve Ashton for the leadership position. Prior to the last election, the NDPs had formed government since 1999.
David Teffaine is running on behalf of the Manitoba Liberal Party, which is led by Dougald Lamont, who took over the party’s top spot in 2017, and elected to the Legislature in a 2018 by-election. The last time the Liberal party has formed government was in 1958, when they were known as the Liberal-Progressive party. The party has not served as the Official Opposition since 1990.
Overall, a total of 231 candidates have been nominated in their respective ridings in the whole of the province. Each party has the following number of candidates:
• The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba – 57
• New Democratic Party of Manitoba – 57
• Manitoba Liberal Party – 57
• The Green Party of Manitoba – 43
• Communist Party of Canada–Manitoba – five
• Manitoba First – four
• Independent – nine
All local candidates are vying for your vote, so check out each of their profiles to see how their respective parties propose they can make the riding of Swan River and the Province of Manitoba a better place to live.
Candidate profiles for Wowchuk and Wiggins are available in this newspaper on pages A6 and A8. Teffaine did not response to requests for comments before the press deadline.

Jeremy Bergen