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Dock Receives Grand Unveiling


Thursday (July 4) was a day of celebration at Wellman Lake as members of the Wellman/Glad Lake Seasonal Camper and Cottage Owners Association (WGLSCCOA) along with lake goers and parks officials celebrated the long awaited completion of the new Wellman Lake dock, located at the main beach.
It was estimated that the prior dock was installed in the early 1960s and, after nearly 60 years of use, the old wooden dock structure was deemed unsafe and torn out early last spring.
“Boards had been replaced but the cribbing was failing so we did make the decision to remove the entire thing,” said Senior Park Advisor Richard Romaniuk, noting they have replaced the wood structure with an EZ Dock modular system.
“It’s a very durable product and that’s why we chose to go with it.”
The association started seeking funds to expand on the budget provided by the Province of Manitoba to be able to extend the dock and match the length that was in place prior
“The group embarked on a very successful fundraising program, bringing in a little more than $38,500,” said Romaniuk, pointing out the full structure located behind him and noting that there are some spare parts on site and some has been withheld for any maintenance concerns that may arise.
“In addition to the fundraising, the association has also guaranteed volunteer man power in the spring and in the fall to install and remove the dock.”
WGLSCCOA President Kathy Child, Duck Mountain Cottage Owners Association Chairman Ken Kennedy, Parks and Protected Spaces Branch Director Rob Nedotiafko and Swan River MLA Rick Wowchuk all brought congratulations and thanks on the successful project before the commemorative plaque was revealed and the dock was officially opened to the public.
“Just knowing that this dock will be enjoyed by everyone – campers, cottagers or visitors – I’m certain our time, energies and funds were put to the best use,” said Child.
The day wrapped up with a complimentary barbecue for all in attendance complete with a cake.