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Tourist Centre Sign Gets Makeover


The Swan Valley Regional Initiative for a Strong Economy (SV RISE) added more beauty to the town when they installed a new tourism sign beside the tourist centre on Main Street on May 24.
Sign Here was contracted to create the sign and they choose Swan Valley Solutions to install it. After seven hours in the scorching heat, a more pleasing sign was catching the eye of all residents passing by.
“The old sign was there for over 30 years,” said SV RISE Marketing Co-ordinator Stacy Grindle. “It was faded, unreadable, vague and outdated.
“A few organizations and businesses (that were represented) no longer exist,” added Grindle. “Although there was a generic map before, by connecting to Alltrails and the other sites, you can get very specific and current information for a long time to come.”
The new sign brightly highlights tourism entities and websites which provide information for tourists and locals on the Swan Valley tourism opportunities.
The sign falls right in to the plan to make tourism an economic driver in the Valley, which was established upon completion of the Regional Economic Analysis Process conducted in 2016.
“We chose to highlight our yearly Northwest Round-Up and Exhibition as it is one of our biggest economic and tourism drivers each year,” said Grindle. “We also highlighted the Swan Valley Museum, Magnet Hill and Alltrails so everyone can access over 100 trails and activities in the Valley.
“We thought it was important to highlight how to get connected (in the Valley) so we added our most popular media and information sites,” she added.
Websites for Discover Swan Valley, the Chamber of Commerce calendar, the Star and Times, Valley Biz and CJSB 104.5 Radio are included for all to see.
“Each area is encouraged to keep their websites current as to ensure all information is correct and because the proliferation of peer to peer sharing sites is playing a key role in shaping a destination brand,” said Grindle.
Websites from all three municipalities in the Valley are also represented as well as the Town of Swan River.
“We are an economic contender in Manitoba’s focus on tourism,” said Grindle. We care about keeping people seeing our sites and participating in our community.
“(Now with the new sign) even if there is no one in the tourism office, people can still gather tons of information.”
The new sign hopes to make tourists and locals alike all aware of the gems that may be hidden within our Valley and all of the can’t miss features it holds.
“This is Manitoba's time on the world's tourism stage,” said Grindle. “Powered by the iconic Manitoba, Canada's Heart Beats brand, its driven and progressive industry partners, and an array of transformative demand-generating visitor experiences in all its regions, tourism continues to deliver as a major economic engine for the province.”

Jakki Lumax