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Students Return with Hardware


Students of the Valley showed once again that they have the knowledge and ability to prove themselves highly skilled.
On April 11, 8 students, joined teacher chaperones in Winnipeg to compete in the Skills Manitoba Competition where two returned with medals.
The students put their skills to the test on the Red River College campus against schools from all over the province.
For many of them, it was their first time at the college, allowing their knowledge to grow beyond the competition. Realistically, all the students aren’t going to be going to University. There’s other options such as College, Trade Schools, and Apprenticeship – it was an asset allowing them to be exposed to such environments.
“They were able to meet students from all areas of the province and network with industry professionals,” said SVRSS Teacher and School Chaperone Peter Fleming.
While all the students that went were able to gain personal knowledge, two were able to come home proving their skill-based knowledge.
Grade 12 students Abi Turner and Brendonn Tank were successful in their last year at the competition.
Turner returned home with a bronze medal in Job Skill Demonstration after preparing a gluten free chicken stir fry from scratch.
“If you like competing and trying your best then it’s a lot of fun,” said Turner. “You get to hang out with people and it’s not just the skills. It’s a good experience all around. We went out for ice cream and fun stuff like that too.”
Tank collected a silver medal in Outdoor Power for his work dissembling, repairing, and reassembling a motor.
“Surprisingly enough I medalled my first time going,” said Tank. “It’s a fun learning experience. It teaches you what you need to know.”
Other students that competed included; Benjamin Riehl in Electronics, Colby Chaykoski in IT Office Software Application, Bryce Muller in Electrical Installations, Layna Burghart in Prepared Speech, Jessica Burghart in Job Search, and Patrick Stokes in Heavy Duty.
“It was a great experience for all the participants,” said Fleming. “I am very proud of each and everyone of them for having the drive and commitment to put in the extra effort in preparing and competing. Just competing develops a broader knowledge and experience base which looks great on a resume.”

Jakki Lumax