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Supporting the Community


Seeing a need and lending a hand to help is one thing that patrons of our Valley are known for. On numerous occasions we see volunteers of different organizations team up together to create something special that will make a big difference to the communities they represent.
The Bowsman Skating Arena and the Bowsman Curling Club did exactly that when they began organizing the Chase the Ace and 50/50 events at the Bowsman Hotel.
“We started the Chase the Ace and 50/50 on our own,” said Bowsman Skating Arena President Carol Silverthorn. “Because of the small support group involved with the Bowsman Skating Rink, we asked the Bowsman Curling Club to join us and share the profits equally. It has been a successful joint venture.”
Between the two arenas, $54,000 has been raised since they began approximately three and a half years ago.
“The money has been a tremendous help in keeping our rinks running by providing money for hydro, propane, wages, and other regular expenses that go along with running a rink,” said Silverthorn. “With the money raised we can keep our fees minimal while providing a necessary and important recreational facility for our community.”
The two organizations’ goal is to continue to raise enough money to keep both arenas running and well maintained.
“Small communities struggle to stay alive but are so important,” said Silverthorn. “Small community living is a special kind of living that only someone who has experienced it can appreciate. It is a way of living that needs to be kept alive and one way is by providing recreation. When others see what a great place Bowsman is, they may choose to live in our town.”
While the boards of the arenas may be making a difference in their community, the Chase the Ace pots have also helped many in the community as well as they win substantial amounts for themselves. The largest winner to date was Matt Black who took home $6,858 in May of 2016.
“We would love to add a zero to that number and see our pot grow as it has in other communities,” said Silverthorn. “Although, the first night we ran Chase the Ace, the night payout was $8.00 so we have come a long way.”
The regular Friday night Chase the Ace and 50/50 draws not only support the local arenas, but also provide entertainment at the Bowsman Hotel that has been the host of all of the events.
“It is a lot of fun coming out for the draws,” said Silverthorn. “We share a meal with friends and enjoying a conversation and laughs while waiting for the draws. Those of us working the event get to visit with the customers, catch up on local news and share laughs. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to support our community.”
In addition, Tim Poel the Bowsman Hotel owner, has also been inspired by the dedication to the community he’s seen weekly and has sponsored free public skating every Sunday at the Bowsman Skating Arena from 1 p.m. till 4 p.m.. Numerous winners from the draws have also chosen to donate their winnings to the causes.

Jakki Lumax