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Born with a Talent for Drawing


From humble beggings to a bright future, Wynn Fedorchuk grew a love of art that he’s crafted over the years to share with the world.
On a farm west of Swan River, Fedorchuk was raised under the guidance of his single and hardworking father Ed, with his three brothers Ethan, Peter and Keir, and his sister Serenity.
“We grew up without a lot of the tech and gadgets that children have now,” he said. “That allowed us to focus on our interests and hobbies with our dad always supporting us in our endeavours and encouraging us to do our very best in whatever it was we were doing.”
Fedorchuk and his siblings participated in many activities within the Valley–dancing with the Dolyna Ukrainian Dance Group for a combined 20 years, playing hockey for a few of those years and, most recently, the youngest three brothers came together to form a team in the wild horse races at the Northwest Round-up and Exhibition.
Their interests and invested time showing growth to their characters along the way, but nothing has ever over shadowed Fedorchuk’s true love.
“I just knew at a young age that I loved to draw,” said the 22 year old artist. “I have been drawing pictures as long as I can remember. As a child in school, I would be drawing dinosaur pictures while the rest of the class would be doing math, which led to my teachers getting frustrated and taking away my drawings to keep me focused.”
Self taught using any spare time he could find, Fedorchuk grew the love of drawing to highs not even he expected.
With multiple pieces being showcased in houses across Canada and the United States, Fedorchuk is climbing the ranks of becoming a household name in the art industry with his colored pencil on wood panel creations.
“My particular style is trying to draw everything in as much detail as possible. Every drawing is exciting to me for a couple of reasons. Some people may not believe me, but I honestly don’t know how a drawing is going to turn out. It could be good or really bad and it’s always exciting to see the final work come together.
“It’s also always exciting to see where a drawing is going to end up,” said Fedorchuk. “British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland or even the USA? One of the things that really brings me joy is thinking that maybe after I post a drawing on my Facebook page, someone back in Swan River will be showing the picture to the person next to them and maybe my artwork comes up in people’s conversations.”
While advancing his education has taken him away from the Valley he grew up in, Fedorchuk is most proud of the pieces that only make it as far as back home.
“One of my favourite pieces was a pencil drawing of a mountain lion,” he said. “That’s because it was the most stressful drawing to complete but it gave me the most satisfaction once it was done and many people seemed to enjoy that particular piece. It was actually auctioned off at the Swan Valley Outdoors Association banquet in October.”
Always keeping his hometown close to heart, Fedorchuk has donated many pieces to events that support the community.
“I’ve donated drawings to a lot of different clubs and organizations over the last couple years,” he said.
Banquet events, dance clubs, fire stations, animal shelters, and various non-profit organizations are just a few on his list of places he’s donated artwork to, hoping to be a part of change or support needed.
“I love to contribute to anything I can, but I’m not a millionaire,” said Fedorchuk. “My contributions have been previously limited, but now with my artwork, I’m able to donate something of value. It gives my artwork more meaning and makes it more valuable to me that it is capable of making a difference.”
Always humble and polite, the young artist has never let success change him from who he was raised to be.
“It is especially important to me to contribute to the community I’m from,” he said. “Swan River will always be my home. Whenever people ask me where I’m from I always say, I’m from a farm outside of Swan River, Manitoba but I’m temporarily living in Saskatoon. I have every intention of coming back to the area, so by supporting the community it makes me feel like I have never left. The people in the Swan Valley have been great supporters in my artistic journey so the least I can do is give back in anyway I can.”
Currently pursuing a degree is social work, the young artist’s future looks as diverse and successful as ever.
“I don’t have any specific plans regarding art,” he concluded. “I just hope to continue to grow as an artist and improve the quality of my work. I hope to make the people back at home proud.”
To stay up to date with all of Fedorchuk’s masterpiece releases visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/
Wynnsartwork/ or search The Not So Famous Arts Of Wynn Fedorchuk in the search bar. New pieces are constantly being showcased and auctioned off.

Jakki Lumax