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Birch River’s Golden Boy Exploring the Artistic Industry


He’s come along way from singing around a bonfire in Birch River, and he’s not slowing down any time soon.
Joey Pringle, son of Dave and Clarice Pringle, was once a small boy growing up in the Valley and has since put his name, and hometown on the map in the music scene.
Pringle’s professional, laid back, easy going personality shines through his aggressive country blues style and has people talking, dancing at his shows, and begging for more each time.
He found great inspiration from his RCMP and Band Constable father who raised him alone while pursuing his own music career. Always admiring how he worked so hard to make ends meet and watching him play music from behind the stage, Pringle’s dreams and goals were set at an early age, falling in love with writing music and entertaining.
But, dreams and goals take time to achieve. And, after working several years in the oilfield, Pringle finally made the move to Calgary to pursue his music career.
In 2006 while in Nashville, Pringle was honoured to be called up to sing as a special guest at the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge, and the rest as they say, was history.
Since then Pringle has been writing original songs and entertaining anywhere he can.
Some of his more notable performances include: the launch of the VTV Space Channel in Vulcan Alberta Canada in 2015, the East Coulee Music Fest in 2014, the Badlands Boogie Music Festival Fundraiser in 2015 and 2016, with Jill Maria Robinson on Shaw TV’s Soul Work with Jeni Cousins in 2016, at The Northlander Film Premiere after party in 2016, and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women events in 2016 and 2017.
Pringle’s signature dressed in all black look resembles a modern-day Johnny Cash. However, the six foot tall Manitoba Metis singer/song writter is a talent all his own.
The registered Canadian Songwriter and SOCAN member carries a powerful rasp and thirty’s style soul within a booming but controlled tone that can silence any room.
However, Pringle has seen the most success in his music career in the last year. From being recognized in magazines, to representing the cover of two others, his face is one people have been seeing appear regularly on the country music scene.
With two original songs being featured in upcoming films it’s only looking like a brighter future for him as he continues growing his success in his new album currently being written.
But, that’s not enough for the Valley native as he changes directions to garner more fame.
“I decided to try acting,” said Pringle. “People figure I have a look for film, so I decided to try it out and I’m glad I did.”
This summer, Pringle joined Faces Of Wendy Talent Agency to help pursue his new direction.
“I’ve currently been in five different projects,” he said.
His most noteable role as of late may be a spot in the upcoming IMAX Documentary, Android Impact, that is set to be out in theaters in the summer.
You can also see him doing some background acting on this season of Heartland on CBC.
With his acting career starting up, one may wonder which direction the singer-songwriter-actor plans on pursuing the most.
“If I can I’d choose both,” said Pringle. “As for the future I’m not scared to try anything, so the sky is the limit I’d say.”
With so many talents garnishing him success, it’s impossible to imagine how far he can go.
“Everyone who eats my food says I should be a chef,” he joked. “Maybe a cooking show will come up but nothing as of yet.”
With so much behind him and so much yet on the horizon it’s safe to say Pringle isn’t going anywhere and will be hitting news many times, whether for singing, acting, or even cooking.
“Keep your eyes and ears open for me folks,” said Pringle. “Who knows what my next move will be.”
To keep up to date on Pringle’s news and releases follow him on facebook or instagram and twitter at pringle475. His music can also be found on Sound Cloud and YouTube.
To get in touch with the local star personally and book a show email pringle475@gmail.com.

Jakki Lumax