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The Results Are In


After months of buildup, the 2018 municipal and school board elections came to a close last Wednesday (Oct. 24).
This year’s race was an interesting one with a number of new faces vying for positions on municipal councils and the school board but with many of the incumbents being voted back into position.
Voting numbers were up for the Town of Swan River this year with 1,154 (42 percent) of eligible voters coming to the polls. This number, up from 2014’s 1,006 (34 percent), does not include the two spoiled or rejected ballots.
This election term no one ran against former councillor Lance Jacobson who filled the position of mayor by acclamation.
All members of the 2014-2018 council entered into the race for the six positions available except for retiring Mayor Glen McKenzie and councillor Jason Sakal, who chose to step back after eight years on council.
Elected to council were incumbents Jason Delaurier (769), Duane Whyte (636) Phylis Friesen (574) and David Moriaux (533). They are joined by newcomers Johnny Wintoniw (785) and David Gray (687) who were welcomed to the position on Oct. 25. Wintoniw will serve as deputy mayor.
Colleen Clark (472), Corinna Medwid (284) and Les Rolsky (230) were not elected.
During the first vote since the Jan. 1, 2015 amalgamation, Swan Valley West returned to the ward system and attracted 1,007 voters (52 percent) to last Wednesday’s polls – not including the 9 spoiled or rejected ballots. In the last election, 1,278 voters (51 percent) of voters came out.
When the new council took their oath of office on Oct. 25, Bill Galloway returned as reeve by acclamation. Joining him were Ward 1 councillor Glen Foster and Ward 4 councillor Tyler Kushniryk, who were also acclaimed.
Carrie Blosha (145) will return as councillor for Ward 2 and newcomers Bill Gade (105), Matt Wills (131) and Darryl Pierrepont (176) will round out the table.
The Benito Local Urban District (LUD) committee will be made up of Curtis Hack (134), W. Grant Schneider (131) and Brad Kushniryk (123).
Shane Yaschyshyn (106) for Ward 2, Terry Neely (102) for Ward 3, David Minish (123) for Ward 5 and Brian Burick (119) did not earn enough votes for council positions while Dale Offenberger (44) will not return to the LUD position.
The Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman saw a total of 754 ballots come in – down from 806 in 2014 – which was a total voter turnout of 52.5 percent. This included five spoiled and 12 rejected ballots.
All members of the 2014-2018 council entered into the race for the six positions available except for former Reeve Clint Eisner who no longer resides within municipal boundaries.
In the race for reeve, Walter Pacamaniuk (410) was elected over former councillor Larry Mychalchuk (339).
Elected to council were incumbents Garry Bartel (609), Stuart Walmsley (562), Leanne Hutman (458) and Courtney Densen (414). They are joined by newcomers Walter Kolisnyk (420) and Douglas Wagner (362) who were welcomed to the position on Oct. 26.
Incumbent John Caruk (304) and newcomer Stacy Vankoughnett (118) were not elected.
Lower voter numbers continued into the RM of Mountain where 492 voters (39 percent) came to have their say. This number was down from 2014’s 566 voters (42 percent). A total of 17 ballots were spoiled or rejected.
After a term away from office, Robert Hanson (202) reclaimed his seat from incumbent Marvin Kovachik (131), besting not only Kovachik but fellow reeve candidate Keith Behrmann (158).
Ward 4 saw incumbent Connie Forbes (60) best Raymond Wotton (44), Greg Wlasichuk (30) and Nichos Brading (8). Ward 5 earned newcomer Arnie Pedersen (47) a spot over incumbent Jesse Larocque (38).
In a rare occurrence, there were tie votes for not one but two wards. In Ward 3 Roy Shaw and Nestor Rizok ties with 25 votes and in Ward 6 Keith Tucker and Bradley Wyatt ties with 44 ballots. In this event The Municipal Act states that the municipality must declare the seat vacant and hold a by-election for both of these wards.
Previously acclaimed were Wilmer Malcolm as Ward 1 councillor and Stephen Nadolney as Ward 2 councillor.
For Mafeking LUD, Myrna Tucker was acclaimed and in the LUD of Pine River the spots went to Debbie Soloway and Leanne Marceniuk. No candidates came forward for the LUD of Birch River, leaving those spots vacant.
The municipality held their inaugural meeting on Oct. 29.
In a much quieter race than in 2014, the SVSD saw a total of 871 voters (32 percent) mark their ‘X’ with all three incumbents returning to the position.
In Ward 1, incumbents Kelli Riehl and Vivian Rooks were elected by acclamation. They are joined by Ward 2 incumbents Laurie Evans and Kathy Highmoor who also did not have to head to the polls.
In Ward 3, incumbents Gary Wowchuk (573), William Schaffer (560) and Donna Burghart (460) were elected while newcomers Lynda Parsons (334) and Donna Potts (247) did not earn seats.
A total of seven ballots were spoiled or rejected.
The division held their inaugural meeting on Oct. 29.