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Beautiful Woodworking Emerging from Birch River Family Business


Associated with the logging industry since the age of 15, Wayne Wozny found a love and use for those pieces deemed unfit for the lumber yard and has been turning them into works of art as a part of FishTown Creek for many years.
In 2012, the family affair consisting of Wozny, and daughters Paige Larocque and Zandra McCorrister took the hobby and transformed it into a profitable business with the first sale of an outdoor table set and have only continued to grow since.
“I have always had a love of wood products and I enjoy being able to see the amazing things I can create,” said Wozny. “Each piece creates new and exciting challenges which pushes me to continue to learn everyday.”
Owning his own logging company, Wozny has access to all the raw material he needs making each piece from local wood hauled from the Porcupine Forest.
From there, the wood is sawed at a local sawmill, dried to a specific moisture content in a kiln they designed and created themselves, shaped, and sawed and sanded into the piece of their dreams. They also offer a premium clear coat for their products to protect them from UV rays that is done by Bulldog Fiberglass and Repair in Birch River. Having your order start and end within the Valley, the trio prides themselves on remaining local.
“One great thing about making everything by hand and not on a pre-fab machine is that we can create products to specific sizes or shapes,” said Wozny. “We have made kitchen tables, picnic tables and coffee tables. Also, benches, signs, bath boards, cribbage boards, plant holders – you name it.
“Wood is not always the easiest thing to work with,” continued Wozny. “You are taking something that was a living thing, and as you try and create or shape it into something it takes a lot of time to make sure it will remain the way that we want it to.”
FishTown Creek wants to make sure that you’re satisfied with your products and even keeps the products for a few days after completion to make sure that the effects of natural wood have concluded.
“There will be times depending on the use and where they are being stored, that they may crack or twist,” said Wozny. “That’s just something that comes along with real wood, and anyone who appreciates having solid wood products will understand that that comes with the territory.”
Custom works are among the most popular of the products made by this Birch River business as they take requests and suggestions constantly.
“Just like every tree is different, each item we make is going to be different because everything we do is by hand,” said Wozny noting that requests for storage chests have been among the top of the list as of recently and something they are currently working on adding.
“Although we’re still a relatively small business we appreciate the community we live in and try to support and help out when we can,” concluded Wozny.
Some of their works of art will be on display at this year’s Swan Valley Outdoors Association Banquet and Auction.
For more information visit the FishTown Creek Facebook page or email fish.town.creek@hotmail.com or contact by phone at 204·236·4689.

Jakki Lumax