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Canadian Rangers Hoping to Start Patrol in Swan River


The Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (CRPG) is expanding their operation and their coverage, and needs Swan Valley’s help in order to make their expansion successful.
The CRPG is a sub-component of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), made up of volunteer members, whose mission is to “provide lightly equipped, self-sufficient, mobile forces in support of the CAF’s sovereignty and domestic operation tasks in Canada”. Each local patrol consists completely of local community members that are already familiar with their community and their environment, and can provide important information for navigating the diverse geography of Canada, as well as assist in search and rescue operations or disaster relief and other humanitarian operations.
“We are looking for farmers, tradesmen, nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, skilled labourers, trappers, hunters, loggers, or anybody that has a skill set they can offer that we are looking for,” said Captain Wade Jones of the Fourth CRPG, which provides coverage to western Canada, from Manitoba to British Columbia, and headquartered in Victoria, B.C..
“When I look at the province, we had nothing on the west side of the province in the parkland, and I thought that Swan River would be a good choice so that they can react to any requests that the CAF has, as well as any community requests for assistance.”
Unlike other divisions of the CAF, those that live and work in the Swan Valley will be expected to patrol the Swan Valley, and will not be deployed elsewhere.
“They are experts of the region that they live in, and other members of the CAF, if deployed there for any reason, would not have that local expertise or knowledge, so they rely on the CRPG to be advisors and guides,” said Jones.
An informational meeting and recruitment evening will be held in Swan River to help ignite the CRPG initiative and get a patrol started locally. That meeting is scheduled for Oct. 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. at the Veterans Community Hall. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 is eligible to join. Jones added that people older than 65 years could join, but must be assessed beforehand to ensure that they are physically and mentally capable of carrying out their duties.
Other requirements include:
Being physically and mentally capable of carrying out CRPG duties;
Must be a Canadian citizen, reside within approximately 100-125 kilometres of Swan River, and have a social insurance number;
Must not have been convicted of a serious offence under the Criminal Code of Canada for which a pardon has not been granted;
Must not be a member of any other sub-component of the CAF; and,
Must be knowledgeable and personally equipped to survive and efficiently operate on the land.
Jones added that while the CRPG is provided with a uniform, firearm, and other items, each member is expected to provide their own vehicles - off-road or otherwise - and would be paid for the use of that vehicle, as well as any other equipment needed.
If sporting the bright red sweatshirt of the CRPG sounds like your style, or if you think you have something to offer the CRPG, then set aside time to attend the meeting, and to sign up, don’t forget to bring:
Two pieces of ID, with a least one photo ID (federal or provincial);
Birth certificate for yourself;
Marriage certificate, if applicable;
Social Insurance Number Card, or proof of;
Proof of previous service, ie. service number, if applicable;
Banking information, ie. void cheque, or bank account print out;
Address history, past five years;
Next of Kin addresses and phone numbers;
Employment history with addresses and phone numbers; and,
Four references with contact information.
With enough interest and support, the Swan Valley could be the new location for the next Canadian Rangers.

Jeremy Bergen