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Local Youth gets Olympic Opportunities


The Olympics are a far off dream that few athletes ever get the opportunity to realize. But, for one Valley teen, that dream has the possibility of becoming reality.
From Aug. 2-5 Quinn Munro, along with five other invited males from throughout western Canada, visited a camp offered by Speed Skating Canada, based on their athletic abilities and testing scores at the RBC Training Ground held earlier in the year.
“We had fitness testing done at the Canadian Olympic Park - Sports Institute and then did some skating at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Alta.,” said Munro.
“I thought I performed well. It felt odd going from the slow (skating) movements of a goal tender to the incredibly fast pace of a speed skater. Learning and understanding the dynamics of speed skating was interesting and challenging. I was very happy with my camp and the experience of high level sport.”
The weekend of learning was positive all around for both athletes and their coach.
“Coach (Mark) Wild was extremely helpful throughout the entirety of the camp and explained how the athlete could get from the RBC Training Ground to the Olympics,” said Munro.
“He was impressed with how well the group of athletes performed during the camp and how quickly they adapted to the sport.”
While attending the camp Team China and Team Canada were training and Munro was impressed with their speed and commitment to training. Now, he will wait to hear if he will have to opportunity to work toward being the next member of an elite team of athletes.
“Speed Skating Canada and the RBC Training Ground will determine if they would want to continue working with any of the athletes from the camp in the near future,” he said. “I guess, at that point, I would have to decide if I wanted to make that commitment.”