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Reusing a Piece of School Sports History


Games have been played, titles have been won, dreams have been achieved, graduations have happened and so much more on the maple gym floor that stood beneath the feet of hundreds of SVRSS athletes from 1972 until 2013 when it was replaced.
Most have walked upon that gymnasium floor never considering the memories and history that it held, while one individual understands and respects it all and used that inspiration to turn it into beautiful works of art.
Avid wood worker Terry Filuk has been crafting pieces of art for years now but when the opportunity presented itself to create with history, he couldn’t turn it down.
“I was at work and a friend of mine noticed that they were hauling this floor out to the dump to be burned,” said Filuk. “I ran over to the school to see what was going on and they were tearing out the original floor. I asked one of the contractors if I could get some and started loading my trailer.”
From that moment on, the hobbyist that loves to create pieces from local Valley wood, began building beautiful trays and bowls out of the new found materials.
“I was one of the first classes that went through the school for Grades 10, 11, and 12, so it meant a little more to me,” said Filuk.
The meaning has not been lost as Valley members have been contacting him to purchase their own pieces to bring home.
“People like the scuff marks and the rustic look of history,” he said.
The blackened shoe marks remain in various places on the pieces giving each piece its own individual characteristics.
Some people however, prefer a cleaned up piece and Filuk has appealed to those likings as well, offering pieces with no visible paint or markings.
While the pieces are limited, Filuk’s woodworking continues.
“Some pieces take as little as half a day and sometimes it’s weeks,” said Filuk.
His home, surrounded in pieces he’s made himself, from tables to bowls and beyond, shows the many hours he’s spent perfecting his craft.
For some, that floor means more than the diploma they left the school with, as much of their growth and development came playing the many games that took place on that very surface.
The floor pieces, as well as other creations are for sale and can be purchased by contacting Filuk at terrybarb@gmail.com.

Jakki Lumax