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Celebrating 85 Years


Q. You have many interests everything sport and sport related, where and when did this interest and support come from?
A. My first games were played in Kenville, riding horseback for seven miles to join the team. Sometimes a cutter or van would take us to town – hair and clothes froze. When we played in other frozen ice patches or small arenas, we would help shovel the snow off the surfaces before and after each game and practice.
Playing baseball in summer was great fun as well. Every town, or district had a sports day, games for children, and junior and senior teams in most towns close by. I loved playing sports and started playing both winter and summer games at an early age.

Q. Tell us your history from your young men stages to today.
A. At eighteen years of age I joined the RCAF. We played baseball, fastball, soccer for two years when I was in Chatham N.B. in a league with Fredericton, St. John’s and Moncton. I also curled while in the service but, must admit, I never was really good at that game!
Retiring from the service I came home to visit, on the way to B.C., but chanced to get a job here as Facilities Manager for the Town. My RCAF working experience in heavy equipment, airport maintenance, truck transports helped in Swan River looking after the arena, pool, and parks.

Q. Share your story of a most exciting or concerning event in your sports career, work, or support.
A. I really enjoyed the winter season, a busy time for work in the arena and also a coach and manager with travelling teams in minor hockey.
We went to many tournaments and one in particular, with the Atom team in Thompson, stands out as a great game. We were playing in the championship game against the home team and the arena was full of cheering people. The Mayor of Thompson said it was one of the best games he had ever seen. We lost 1-0, but I think both teams were winners!
I enjoyed serving on the Minor Hockey board, and on the Imperial Hockey team board. I travelled with both teams as well. One of my fondest memories was when I started the Credit Union Old Timers in 1975. It was fun! We had great tournaments, having twelve teams most years, some coming back year after year. Today, we still visit about the trips we had and good friends we made playing Old Timer hockey.

Q. What were some of the highlights from your time supporting and working for sports in Swan River?
A. I have worked on the Agricultural Society for over 40 years, and so enjoyed my time with this group. I also enjoyed working on committees for the town's 75, 100 year Centennial, and Manitoba 125.
When I started at the arena in 1975 the Legion Park was mostly swamp. As facilities manager, we got lots of fill from the east end of town, made the ball diamonds, planted trees, drainage on the east side, and helped Rotary put a walking trail around the park. We had excellent help and support from former mayor Fred Sigurdson.
Excellent help came from John Rooks and Dalton Hawkins working to fix up drainage, tree planting and making ball diamonds as they are today. Much help was given from Clubs, volunteers, ball teams and the town.
We are very proud of our Park, used and enjoyed by so many citizens, clubs, groups, teams, players, walkers, in Swan River, surrounding communities, and other provincial areas.