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Celebrating 85 Years


Q. You have many interests everything sport and sport related, where and when did this interest and support come from?
A. I was very young, a farm boy living eight miles from the town of Young, Sask.. My first pair of skates was my sister's figure skates, and the arena was a 'dug-out' after it froze over. It was fun riding a horse eight miles, carrying equipment and freezing because the heater on the horse was not that good!
Living in Melfort at 14 years, I played on my first Bantam age team that had a coach! Living in Prince Albert, then to Shellbrook, I managed to play hockey on teams, practicing and playing on rivers, or enjoying a clearing on a patch of ice making many hockey friends and good times.
From the small town of Mont Nebo (consisting of fifteen houses, two stores, one hotel where No. 3 table was mine), we put together a team to play against Shellbrook Bantams. I cannot remember if we won or lost.

Q. Tell us your history from your young men stages to today.
A. At seventeen years of age I played senior hockey in Kinistino, then on to Melfort to start employment with the Co-op movement. It was there when I started coaching, Midget age. I learned much in the two years of coaching! "Fun, that's what it's all about"! Excellent parents, no big awards, but I learned to have fun too.
On to Unity, Sask., family growing, got involved with fastball, enjoying a team with some Co-op staff members, helped to build diamonds and kept them up to date. I played Senior Hockey, and got involved with the Senior ball club.
On to Swan River, and the arena, what a great arena! At hockey games it was my job, along with others, to clean the Zamboni room. We always had lots of help! One time I heard complaints that the staff was not cleaning the glass, so I took it upon myself to see if this was true. You can rub those puck marks off the glass until your arm falls off! Just ask John Rooks! Dalton always made sure my skate sharpening room was clean and empty!

Q. Share your story of a most exciting or concerning event in your sports career, work, or support.
A. When you have such good people behind and in front of you, it is hard for me to really put any one event ahead of the other. It is always exciting.
I shall mention several events: 1. Winning Bantam Hockey Provincials twice, and 2., taking our Bantam hockey team to Kamloops B.C., playing teams from all over, even a team from Switzerland.
I was named Volunteer of the Year, selected Parade Marshall twice and, before leaving Unity, Sportsman of the Year.

Q. What were some of the highlights from your time supporting and working for sports in Swan River?
A. Some of the highlights have been mentioned above, but the word I enjoy, besides sports is volunteering.
When the Chamber of Commerce moved, I cleaned up the lot where it used to be and where the building sits now. With help from Elmer Minish, Gord Cowan, and so many others in the organizing of the meeting room downstairs, and the flag businesses support to help cover expenses. Garry Kennedy helped sand and paint the poles, and so many others were willing to help install them and maintain the flags.
One of my most enjoyable ball experiences was catching for our excellent fastball pitcher Jack Brown (deceased, 1984).