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Swan Valley School Division

The Swan Valley School Division (SVSD) board of trustees held their regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening (April 9). In attendance were Chair Kelli Riehl, Vice-Chair Laurie Evans, Trustees Sharla Haluschak, Kathy Highmoor, Vivian Rooks, William Schaffer, Brett Stephen and Gary Wowchuk.
Also in attendance were SVSD Secretary-Treasurer Brent Rausch, Superintendent Tim Mendel and Transportation Supervisor Doug Coulthart.
Trustee Donna Burghart was absent and Haluschak was excused at 7:56 p.m..
The SVSD board of trustees opened their meeting by holding a moment of silence in respect to those who were injured or lost their lives in the April 6 Humboldt Broncos bus accident.
Minitonas School Closure
The board accepted a letter from Manitoba Minister of Education and Training Ian Wishart approving the closure of Minitonas Early Years School effective June 30.
“Just to update you, during spring break the bulk of the new lockers were installed and some new floor has been put upin,” said Mendel of the work happening at Minitonas Middle School to prepare for the fall.
“The portable lab technology has shown up and they are in the process of getting them all set so that we can start using them and take down the existing computer lab to prep it as a classroom. Once that is done then next in line is moving the library.”
He also noted that some drawings need to be done for bathrooms and there are smaller lockers for the Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes to be installed.
The transportation report was provided by Coulthart to the board and started with a recommendation to the board to purchase two 77 passenger buses as per the division’s replacement schedule that ensures buses are no older than 12 years old.
He also noted an incident that happened in the garage earlier this year, damaging one of the division vans.
“On March 7 our four post hoist collapsed,” said Coulthart, noting that it had been inspected only weeks prior.
“The end broke off a hydrologic ram under the hoist. When the cable let go it damaged the lock on the back corner and the van slowly rolled off the lift. Fortunately nobody was hurt.”
The van was written off and in order to receive the claim funds, they need to purchase a replacement vehicle.
“The last purchase is a Micro School Bus which should save a considerable amount of fuel costs for some of our routes with less students,” said Coulthart.
“We will rotate it through a couple of the routes but I think that it’s time this division tried one. In the future I could see us having four or five of these to complement the other buses.”
Staffing Changes
Current Benito School Principal Patti Hack will be moving to Taylor school for the same position effective Sept. 4 for the 2018-19 school year.
Additionally, leave of absences have been requested for the next school year by ESRSS teacher Lesley White, Bowsman teacher Caitlynd Sutherland and Minitonas Teacher Lois Delaurier.
Taylor School teacher Judy Mosiondz has announced her retirement effective June 30.
Next Meeting
The Swan Valley School Division will hold its next regularly scheduled meeting on April 23 at 7:30 p.m..