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Municipality of Swan Valley West

The Municipality of Swan Valley West held their regularly scheduled council meeting last Friday evening (April 13) with Reeve William Galloway presiding and councillors Carrie Blosha, Brian Burick, Glen Foster, David Minish, Terry Neely, and Irwin Steen present.
A number of issues were discussed including concerns brought forward in a delegation by Kenville resident Andrew Reynolds.
The concerns he had regarded what he observed as by-law breaches in the settlement of Kenville, including traffic speeding along Main Street, unkempt yards, dogs running loose, and the parking of a tractor-trailer on Main Street adjacent to a major intersection.
“I believe rules are meant to be followed,” said Reynolds. “These are serious concerns in Kenville, and others have voiced the same concerns.
“I’ve come into this office numerous times and have been told ‘We’re aware of the problem’. I’m glad we’re aware of the problem. How about let’s start fixing the problem.”
While some of the problems may have seemed little more than creating a nuisance in an otherwise peaceful neighbourhood, the majority of concerns brought up were safety-related.
Reynolds emphasized heavily that changes need to be made to enforcement policies, as current policies seem to leave the municipality with little teeth when it comes to confronting those who breach their own by-laws or the Highway Traffic Act, as Main Street in Kenville is classified as a provincial road under provincial jurisdiction.
Potential solutions were discussed at length, some of which were debatably feasible, and some were not desirable by one party or another.
Ultimately, once Reynolds and council members found some common ground, they agreed to work towards a peaceable and fair solution that will benefit Kenville residents as a whole, such as approaching Manitoba Infrastructure on changing the traffic rules on Main Street.
snowplowing rate increase
Costs will increase for those that elect to hire municipal equipment to clear snow on private property. Council approved the following resolution:
“RESOLVED that Council for the Municipality of Swan Valley West has increased snow plowing rates for the 2018-19 season as follows:
“Snowplow rate will change from $155 per hour ($77.50 per half hour minimum) to $250 per hour ($125 per half hour minimum) as a result of the increase in operating costs.”
next meeting
The Municipality of Swan Valley West will hold its next regularly scheduled meeting on April 27 at 7 p.m..

Jeremy Bergen