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Local Chase the Ace Pot Continues to Grow


The Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 39 Swan River has gained quite a significant amount of attention as their Chase the Ace lottery has grown in recent weeks.
Patrons from across the Valley packed inside an almost capacity clubroom on Saturday (April 7) in the hopes that they might be the one to finally find the Ace of Spades and leave the night $15,138 richer. But, the ticket winner, Debbie Webster, ended up receiving $403 as a consolidation prize when she chose the Three of Diamonds instead.
The lottery has now been raised to an expected payout of $16,949 with the next draw happening on Saturday (April 14). With 18 cards left, the chance of winning is getting higher by the week.
“The clubroom has been packed for about five weeks now,” said clubroom manager Byron Ross, noting that it’s a good idea to come early as there’s a maximum seating capacity available.
Tickets are sold starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 4:45 p.m. with the draw happening at 5 p.m..
“Ten percent of the total day sales goes to the ticket winner,” said Ross. “Half the pot goes to the carry over, and whatever is left, less the prize money, that stays at the Legion.”
The deck started with 54 cards with three chances to win. The lucky ticket winners to pick the jokers were able to walk away with twenty percent of the total day sales. The last chance to win remains in play.
“Cumulatively, we’ve gathered around $21,000 since the very start,” said Legion organizer Glenda Foster. “The Chase the Ace money will pay for the new furnace that we had to replace this winter and an air conditioner that hasn’t worked in three years. Those are the first things. We’ve spent $23,000 on the bathrooms already and have to renovate another yet. There’s always things that come up. We would like to buy more chairs too.”
“Our glass washer is going down all the time and that’s going to be another $7,000 to replace,” added Ross.
While the money raised will help with renovations and building upkeep, it isn’t it’s only purpose. The Legion donates a lot of money locally every year.
“We pay for the rental of the museum for the Cadets which is $3,600 every year,” said Ross. “We also give out $2,000 in scholarships. We pay for the volleyball and soccer Legion camps, we donate $1,000 to minor hockey for their tournaments, and we’re a lifeline for the Veterans and their spouses. There’s a lot more that the Legion does than people think.”
“Sponsorship for the Cadets is even further than their rental,” added Foster. “We support the Cadets in anything they need. They just came back from a trip to Europe that the Legion was instrumental in helping them do.”
All donations made by the Legion remain local to the Valley.
“Everyone is welcome,” concluded Foster. “We are a Veteran’s organization but we welcome all.”

Jakki Lumax