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Future of Senior Baseball Team in Jeopardy


The Swan River Reds senior baseball team has been a staple in our community for nearly a decade, providing summer entertainment for both players and spectators.
But, the future of the team may be in jeopardy if they can’t find the player support they need in time for the season to start.
“The team is just finding it hard to find committed bodies for the season,” said long term player Brendan Fedorchuk, who joined the team when he returned from university in 2012.
“In senior baseball, and senior sports in general, it is hard to find people who can commit to every game because of work and family. But, if we have a larger roster it makes it more manageable.
“In the last couple years we’ve had at least 5-6 core guys that make it out for every game but now we’re struggling to find even 3-5 guys for the road,” he continued, adding that home games are easier as there is less time commitment.
“We travel during the week sometimes so it doesn’t help. We do try to schedule games on the weekend but we’re trying to fit 16-18 games in a six week period making that very difficult. We try to limit the travel but it’s unavoidable.”
The team hopes to continue on the foundation that they have built, earning spots in the playoffs the past few seasons. Unfortunately, the lack of players even forced the team to forfeit their playoff spot last season.
“Right now we’re looking for committed bodies,” said Fedorchuk. “The league meeting is usually mid to end of April, so in the next three weeks we need guys coming forward saying they want to play and knowing what the commitment is.
“We usually have lots at the beginning but part way through some drop out. The alternative, if we don’t end up going this season, is taking a year of absence from the league and retrying next year with more guys, hoping the year off would be incentive for more to come out.”
Leading up to the start of the season the team tries to get in one practice a week to help get conditioned and shake off the rust.
“Throughout the season in May and June we don’t have time to practice,” said Fedorchuk. “It’s a 16 game season plus playoffs, if we make it, consisting of eight home games and eight road games.
“Our only requirement to join is that you have to be over 16 years old. A lot of older guys think they shouldn’t play because they haven’t played in years and that is not the case at all.
“Many of our players stopped playing in Grade 9 when the minor program stopped and some haven’t played in even longer,” he continued. “This is not a reason to not come out. You can regain what you had so don’t let that be a barrier.
“Although we enjoy being competitive we won’t judge your skill and you’ll get your opportunity to play. You’ll also get better as the season goes and our coaches only put people in the opportunities they need to succeed and won’t push you too far out of your comfort zone until you’re ready for it.”
If you’re looking for something fun and a great way to get active consider joining the Swan River Reds baseball team.
“If you love the game it brings a lot of nostalgia,” Fedorchuk said. “Those days out on the field in the hot sun always take me back to years gone by.”
For more information on the team or to put your name on the list as a player contact Brendan Fedorchuk at 204·731·0554.