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Swan Valley’s first millennium baby turns 18 as the new year begins


Jadzea Sanna-Marie Scales was the first baby born in the Swan Valley in the new millennium, and early last week, she was also the first of her age group to reach adulthood.
Surprising everyone, Scales made history when she came into the world five days early. Born to Kevin and Sanna Scales at 10:25 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2000 at the Swan River Valley Hospital, Dr. Bert Van Donkersgoed was the physician in attendance. Weighing in at six pounds, 13 ounces and measuring 20 inches long, she joined her parents and older brother Reign in a happy family of four.
“It was pretty exciting to have a baby on that day,” said Sanna Scales. “She turns with the year. I am sure there are not many people who can say that. It was a date no one would ever forget.”
Jadzea Scales’ birth was recognized Valley-wide, receiving gifts from the Ladies Auxillary in Swan River, a special certificate acknowledging her birthday from the Village of Benito where the family resides, and a story on the front page of the Star and Times’ Jan. 4, 2000 edition.
“It's definitely been special for me personally, to be the first one born in new the millennium,” said Jadzea Scales. “Most people don't realize it, but as I get older I've noticed more and more of the older generations telling me that they remember my picture being on the front page of the paper when I was born.”
As time has passed, the Scales family has grown by one, a younger brother Joaquin, and Jadzea has grown into an ambitious young women.
Currently, she is in Grade 12, but she does not attend the SVRSS.
“I have actually been home schooling here in Benito since Grade 9 and I thoroughly enjoy it,” said Jadzea Scales. “It has allowed me to take courses that aren’t available in the high school. For example, Astronomy or Bible courses, each of which have taught me so much more about God’s creation and have really helped me become firmer in my faith.”
 Completing her secondary education from home has also given her more freedom in her schedule to work two jobs, in addition.
“I work at Benito Foods and The Benito Library,” said Jadzea Scales. “I really love both places of work because it allows me to put faces to names. Since Benito is such a small town, everybody knows everybody, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the people that have watched me grow up.”
As the end of the school year approaches, Scales looks towards a bright future.
“Right now I have my eye on Redeemer University in Hamilton, Ont.,” she said. “It is a Christian University that is really excepting of home schoolers.
“I just recently flew out there to visit the campus for a weekend and I definitely feel like it will be a good fit for me. One major reason that I’m interested in attending this university is because I can grow in my faith while starting my path for a future career. I want a place that can help me lay a foundation for myself.”
Envisioned in her future is a career in medicine. Specifically, a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases.
“I have a real heart to go into missions work, with an organization that deals with pulling people out of human trafficking,” she said. “Human trafficking is a huge problem all over the world and I want to have the educational background to help people who have been infected with HIV through this practice.
“For along time now I have felt my heart strings being pulled towards doing this, but as of now I feel pretty confident that this is what God wants me to do.”
The monumental birthday was celebrated with friends and family at her grandparents cabin on Glad Lake, where the day was spent hot tubbing, watching a movie and enjoying each other’s company.
“I had lots of people asking me if I was planning on going drinking or partying since I'm sure Jan. 1 or even after midnight on New Year’s Eve would have some wild parties available,” said Jadzea Scales. “Honestly, that sort of thing doesn't interest me at all.”
To this year’s New Year’s baby, Scales has a little bit of advice to share.
“Life is full of crazy roller coasters that take us in many directions,” said Jadzea Scales. “Being born on the first of January can sometimes feel like your birthday is being over looked, or that it's nothing special to be born on New Year’s, but that’s not the case.
“You have the unique opportunity to help people remember the many blessings in their lives despite what they view as not good enough or needing a ‘resolution'. You have the unique opportunity to bring the joy of your birthday into a day that may not be a happy time in your family, and you have the unique opportunity to celebrate even more so the renewal of a year.
“Don't let the cliches of New Year’s Day get in your way, live the beautiful, unique, amazing, and wonderful life you are meant to,” she continued.
“Laugh with your friends and family, take a moment to breathe once in a while, and realize just how special you are.”
Scales’ family couldn’t be more proud of the young woman their daughter grew up to be.
“We are very proud of her,” said Sanna Scales. “She is brilliant, compassionate, confident, hard-working and ambitious. She loves God with all her heart and this is evident in her life.”

Jakki Lumax