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Reaching For His Football Dreams


Swan River born and raised defensive back Chase Ellingson’s football journey has taken him across the continent and he wouldn’t change a thing.
“Being away from home the past few years has gotten me prepared for the university experience,” said Ellingson. “Playing against some of the top players in North America has helped elevate my game and finally, the skill development and recruitment film that comes with it was amazing.”
After spending the past three seasons in southern Ontario, most recently with the Royal Imperial Collegiate of Canada (RICC), Ellingson has committed to join the University of Regina Rams.
“Regina just seemed like the perfect fit for me,” he said. “With how close it is to home, receiving a full scholarship and being able to have my family and friends watch me play, it was a no brainer for me.
“The coaching staff in Regina are amazing and we’ll have a chance to compete for the Vanier Cup (the Canadian University football championship) next season.”
With RICC, and Canada Prep Acadamy before that, Ellingson travelled heavily throughout the U.S. playing the American football game.
The soon to be 19-year-old admits he was heavily recruited by schools in both the U.S. and Canada. None, however, were as appealing as Regina in terms of reasons where to sign. He’ll start school this January having enrolled in the Kinesiology program.
“I can hardly wait to get started,” Ellingson said. “I’m enrolled in the winter semester and will start working out and doing off-season practice sessions with the team right away.”
While there’s no guarantees in life, Ellingson is fully aware of the opportunity that is there for the taking when it comes to field time.
“I’ve been speaking to this coaching staff for the past three years ,” he said. “They’re very excited to have me and said I was at the top of their recruiting list this year.
“Nothing is for sure but they’ve all told me I have a great opportunity to come in and start in year one.”
While the preparation he’s put in throughout the past several years is soon to culminate with a spot in the highest amateur level in the country, football has been in Ellingson’s blood thanks to his father Rod, who he credits as the biggest influence when it comes to the sport he loves.
“Ever since my dad introduced me to football at a young age, he’s taught me the game both on and off the field,” Ellingson said. “Whether it was pointing things out watching games on TV or while coaching me my first few years of high school, he definitely was my biggest influence.”
And, of course, with much of his family residing in the Valley, who better to express their pleasure in his success than his parents?
“We’re very proud and admire his focus, determination and hard work in his training,” said Rod Ellingson.
“His understanding of the game in all facets has caught the attention of all coaches he’s had over the years, whether it be three years of the Provincial U16 and U18 programs or three seasons of prep school football,
“Getting the invite to the Nike Opening try-outs in Charlotte, NorthCarolina last summer was a huge honour and an acknowledgement of his talent,” he continued. “His football IQ is extremely high and all the coaches can quickly see that and has helped him become a highly recruited player.”
Sandy Ellingson is a mother full of pride and admiration as well.
“I’m very proud of Chase’s commitment to reaching his goals,” she said. “He’s worked hard on and off the field.”
While being very appreciative to all the coaches her son has had over the past several years, beginning with the SVRSS Tigers staff and finally to the RICC Knights, the mother in her is most excited to have her son do what he does best much closer to home.
“I’m very excited that Chase has decided to sign with the Rams,” said Sandy Ellingson. “It’s a great opportunity for him and, of course, it will be fabulous to be able to watch his games in the stands and visit him more often.
“FaceTime was great the past three years but it will be wonderful to have more in person, face-to-face FaceTime.” 
While his journey has been an exciting one for sure, Chase Ellingson is confident the best is yet to come.
“(Being away) has helped me mature and develop leadership qualities that have resulted in being a team captain the past two seasons,” he said. “It also taught me time management and accountability in terms of what needs to get done.”
Joining Ellingson with the Rams will not only be a teammate from RICC, a wide receiver by the name of Riley Boersma, but also his older brother Cody who we’ll feature in a future story.

Brian Gilroy