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Creating more opportunity and less reason to leave the Valley


Growing up on a farm in Minitonas, Jason Eisner was taught, at a young age, that diversity is the key to success. As an opportunist and entrepreneur, our Valley has seen many different ventures with his ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ mentality.
“I’ve grown up here all my life,” said Eisner. “I’d like it to be an option for my kids to raise their children here too. I think it’s a well kept secret how great of a spot we have here.
“I would choose this lifestyle over a city any day. Things may be a smaller scale due to our population but I think it’s important to have options if we want to grow as a community. I hope people can see that there are options to be successful, even in a smaller community, all you have to do is look around.”
Eisner has always been on the cutting edge of bringing new and exciting adventures into our Valley.
“I look for opportunities, assess the risks and look for things that will help our community grow,” he said. “When I’m out of town somewhere, my brain is always looking at what they have and what would work back home.”
His newest addition comes with a lot of excitement from the Valley’s youth.
Kids Kave is an indoor venue and is something Eisner has wanted to do for a few years.
“There are lots of youth in town but so little for them to do indoors during the winter,” he said.
The venue hosts a 40 foot obstacle course for kids to race in, a bouncy castle with a slide and an extra large bouncy castle with basketball hoops in it. Eisner also built a full service canteen complete with mini donuts, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, slushy machine, cold drinks, popcorn and candy. With seating for 35 people, a massage chair, crib table and a basketball game it is the perfect place to hold birthday parties, family gatherings or to escape the stir craziness that gets us all in these winter months.
“The closest similar indoor venue is in Brandon,” said Eisner. “I’ve already had private birthday parties for families from Roblin, Kamsack, The Pas and many other smaller towns, so I believe it was needed and will help our community grow in popularity to become a destination point.”
If the success continues, Eisner hopes to one day add on to encompass some other indoor activities like indoor mini golf, lazer tag, and so forth.
In addition to regular hours, Kidz Kave is open for toddlers to play safety at a designated time.
Private parties can be booked any day and time during the week. When private parties are booked it is closed to the public so check their Facebook page before you go just in case a party lands on a weekend. The gate fee is good for the entire day with full access to all the free structures and games.
“The response has been overwhelming,” said Eisner. “We have bookings into the end of January already.
“Toddler time was something I did as a test as some young mothers requested it. I thought it must be a demand and the attendance has been great. I know first hand how active young mothers are and husbands don’t always see just how exhausted mothers can get. This gives them a break and a social outing with other mothers with the kids now being the exhausted ones benefitting with a long afternoon sleep.”
In addition to this is Monkey’s Brew Barrel, joining his Direct Liquidation Mattress Depot in the former Acklands space on Main Street.
“The you brew we opened is quite unique,” said Eisner. “There are only a few in Manitoba.”
Retailing wine and beer kits, the customer has the option to get them to make the kit for them for a small fee.
“There is no need to buy extra equipment and babysit the brew for the next month,” he said. “We will do it all for you and ensure you have a quality product when it’s ready to bottle. The wine will be filtered to perfection, bottles disinfected and ready to fill with our commercial bottle filler. All you have to do is put the cork in it!
“A lot of people were getting this done in Yorkton,” he continued. “If they are leaving town to do that, you can guarantee they are spending the day shopping and spending money out of town and away from our local business community. I truly think Swan River has a lot to offer but sometimes being local, you take that for granted and lose appreciation for what we have.”
A great alternative for date nights, business functions, Christmas parties, and so forth. Simply order in advance and when you host the event each person can participate in the process.
“At the end of the night everyone can go home with a few bottles and had some fun making it with friends or coworkers,” said Eisner. “We have done over 1,000 bottles this month for customers and it’s still growing. The word is getting out how good it tastes, how much you save and how much fun it is when bottling.”
What’s better after a hard day’s work than being able to enjoy some wine and a new experience together?
While Eisner may have failed his Marketing Major in school, his mentors and experiences have guided him in expertise.
“When money is spent locally, it is given back locally to various sports, recreation, hospitals, and charitable organizations from the business community,” he said. “It’s a circle that some don’t understand.
“If anyone ever has a question about a business they are scared to get into but think our town needs, I’d be glad to offer some free advice.
“Some days I feel overwhelmed, but they say ‘behind every busy man is a busier woman’. I couldn’t have accomplished all I have without my support crew at home. My wife Robyn has always done so much in supporting me, picking up the pieces, advising and encouraging. Our kids also have an active life with sports, dance, and so forth and she is always making sure they get where they need to go when I can’t. I try to always put family activities first, but sometimes a crisis happens and customer service is important in business. She is always there saving me a seat, adding events into my phone calendar and holding down the fort. I’m very thankful and fortunate for that.”

Jakki Lumax