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Lavishing the Valley in all natural wellness products


Times in retail are changing as more and more consumers are taking a closer look at preservative free and environmentally friendly products. This new innovation in thinking has allowed do-it-yourself product businesses to spike in popularity. One local business at the forefront of this trend is Lavish Bold, an all natural, handmade body product company created by Peggy Kalynuk.
Born in the Valley, Kalynuk has spent her life living in the Minitonas area, raising her family of three children and teaching local students. Upon retirement, she decided to take on a new adventure with one of her favourite hobbies. Now that hobby has turned into a business for many to enjoy.
“You could say my little business started from a gift I received,” said Kalynuk. “My daughter made homemade gifts for Christmas. Mine was a body butter and I loved it! So when I retired in 2013, I decided that I could make my own body butter.”
Starting with her daughter’s recipe and experimenting with 12 attempts of her own, Kalynuk finally found the inspiration to name her new adventure.
“I decided to call my product Lavish Body Butter as I truly felt that I was lavishing my body,” she said.
Private requests from Valley citizens looking to outsource their needs to a small business lead her to expand into what is now a full line of Lavish products featuring pain and excema cream, healing salves, lip balms, face and eye cream, room mist, insect repellent and beard oil.
“I love and use all my products,” said Kalynuk. “But, my favourite is the Lavish eye cream. Although designed as eye cream, many ladies are also using it on their face and neck. I don’t believe any product takes away wrinkles, but this silky, soft cream is rich in antioxidants and mango butter. The main ingredient is reputed for skin regeneration which smoothes wrinkles and had a protective effect against UV rays.”
While the process can be quite intricate, Kalynuk has become very knowledgeable on the requirements.
“To make a product, you must have the right butters, carrier oils and essential oils,” she said. “There is the melting of butters, adding carrier oils and adding the appropriate essential oils. Body butter can take up to four hours before you have the final product. I use vitamin E  as a preservative. Many of the products are vegan, but when you add bee’s wax to thicken a product, it is no longer vegan.”
She also brings caution to those that don’t understand the differences between ingredients.
“Any oil that smells like strawberry, raspberry, and so forth, is chemically made because essential oils are not made from the flesh of fruit,” said Kalynuk. “So beware of the wonderfully strawberry scented body butter that you can purchase (from others).”
“For me, it is extremely important that I make all natural products as I have health issues and I do not want to use products that contain chemicals and preservatives that hurt the body,” she continued. “Since I make the products myself, in my own kitchen, I know what my body is absorbing.”
While most of the Lavish products are sold at craft shows in the Valley, they can also be purchased at the Wellman Lake Lodge during the summer months or by contacting Kalynuk herself.
“My husband Dennis helps me at the trade shows and we always tell people stopping by to sample the product, continue shopping, and only if the product works for them, to come back and purchase,” said Kalynuk.
Business is good, but it doesn’t come without its difficulties.
“One of the biggest challenges is the expense of buying all the essential oils, carrier oils, butters and containers that I need,” she said. “And, at the same time keeping the prices reasonable. But, the rewards for all my hard work are the positive reviews and conversations with folks that have benefitted from use of the products. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that the products are helping people!”
The future looks bright for Kalynuk as she continues to grow her product line.
“At the moment, I am working on a hair growth serum which contains carrier oils and several essential oils as I have a problem with thinning hair,” she said. “After testing it on myself for six months, I will decide if it could be beneficial to others.”
She is also working on alternatives to prescriptions with a fungal cream that is in the beginning stages of research.
Kalynk sees no end to how far she can take this hobby turned business as she looks to the future.
“I will continue to experiment, create and make products in my kitchen,” she said. “My goal is not to grow big, but to provide an all natural alternative that is made with love and care. Someday, I would love to pass on my recipes and knowledge to family so my passion could continue.”

Jakki Lumax