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From Pine to Palm


While the snow is falling and many of us are digging out our shovels to deal with its trenches, others are digging out their suitcases and getting ready to leave it all behind and follow the birds south for the season.
One place in particular, that as many as 30 present Swan Valley residents are venturing to, is the Pine To Palm Resort Park in Weslaco, Texas.
“In the spring of 1970 a Swan River businessman by the name of Les Currie had a dream of starting a resort park in Weslaco, Texas,” said Tourist Club Chair, Jan Hodgson. “It was intended for so called “Winter Texans” to enjoy the climate and lifestyle of South Texas. He and other local businessmen raised sufficient funds locally to get the park started that same fall.”
“These gentlemen purchased a 36 acre piece of land, formerly a tomato field, and built a recreation hall, kitchen, laundromat, restrooms, heated pool and 12 shuffle board courts. The individual lots were marked off on gravel streets and the people came for the grand opening on December 18, 1970.”
Named for the pines in Northwest Manitoba and the palms of Southern Texas the resort park is centrally located in Rio Grand Valley, which is seven miles from the Mexican town of Progresso and about forty five minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and infamous South Padre island.
During the past 47 years, the park has transitioned into a shareholder park, making its seasonal fees starting as low as $1,500.
“The park is now a shareholder park which means any profits made are reinvested into the benefits of its resident shareholders,” said Hodgson. “In all privately owned parks, which are definitely the majority here, they are run as a business venture and have to show a return on investment. Being a shareholder investment makes Pine to Palm Resort Park rental and full-time fees one of the most attractive and affordable in the Rio Grand Valley.”
A park elected board, cleverly named Mantex (Man for Manitoba and Tex for Texas) Holding Inc. Co. is charged with running the park while the day to day operations are carried out by the park Manager and staff. The volunteer Tourist Club is at the helm of all activity and entertainment functions that occur.
Inside the security gated park features a recreational hall with a stage, heated pool and spa, library, music room, and so forth.
“Activities in the park include shuffleboard, pickleball, dances, entertainment, crafts, woodworking, card games and the many meals to accompany these events,” said Hodgson. “We love to eat in this park!”
The park has RV lots to rent by the day, week, month, or year. They have just completed a redevelopment of the north end of the park with many new lots featuring electrical, sewer and water.
“This area will accommodate park models and mobile homes,” said Hodgson. “Some existing units for sale are move in ready while others are available for rental.”
“In attempting to maintain its early rural roots, Pine to Palmers are inviting retired “Winter Texans” to come and join us in the good life where there are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet,” concluded Hodgson.
For more information go to the Pine to Palm website at www.pine2palm.com or call the park manager at 1·956·968·5760.

Jakki Lumax