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Celebrating Women in Business


This year, small business week and women’s business week just happen to fall on the same dates, in turn, taking the focus of these events primarily to the contributions of women in business.

It is a great opportunity to recognize and highlight the progress women have made in the workforce. It was only twenty years ago that it was still legal to require a woman to have a male co-signer before receiving a business loan and today we support successful women chasing their dreams and pushing innovation forward every day in our own Valley.

Why have you decided to go into business for yourself?

 “I had always known I wanted to open my own shop. It happened very unexpectedly, but when one door shuts another door opens.” - Makheyla Milroy, Owner of Studio M

 Why is it important for young girls to have a professional to look up to?

 “I think that when young girls see a professional woman working in business they can more easily see themselves running a business someday. Seeing strong women succeeding and doing the day to day of their own business shows them that with hard work they could succeed too. I often have students say I am going to be a horse trainer or a coach someday and it is wonderful to see them make plans for their own future.” - Rose Campbell, Owner of Rose Campbell Horsemanship

 How do you balance the responsibilities of being a business owner and a family woman?

 “It’s me and my mom, we’re business owners and child owners. One of us comes to work and the other one goes to pick (my daughter) up. We figure it out as we go but we do it all together as a family.” - Jodi Stadnick, Co-Owner of Swan Sports Lounge

 What is the greatest advantage of owning a business as a woman?

 “Feeling empowered and strong knowing that you are building a business and growing a family. I found what set my soul on fire and get to share it with my community, how I want, when I want.” - Jennette Beaudry, Owner of Gracious Yoga

 What are three threats to your business, your success, and how are you handling them?

 “The biggest threat I find is the fact that I can't compete with eBay or Walmart and so on. As well as I see a world filled with scammers and such and it makes it harder to be on the online market. I also have a hard time when some people don't know the cost and work that can go into some things. I think my way of handling this now is much different than in the beginning. When I first started out I let it get to me a lot more and took it more personal. Now, I am very thankful for those that do choose to support me. They are making the choice to support my dreams, my passion and most of all they are choosing to help me grow my business and support my family!” - Holly Stenberg, Owner of Holly S Sewing ‘N Such

 If you had to start over from scratch would you do it again?

 “Yes! I have to say it’s been three years since I started my own business out here and it has grown every year. I am confident that it will continue to grow, as it’s my passion. When you find something to do that you love, it really doesn't feel like work. I love making people feel pampered and relaxed.” - Gwendalyn Suffron, Owner of Country Life Spa

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