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Fish camp offers opportunities for young anglers


The seventh annual Swan Valley Sport Fish Enhancement (SVSFE) Fish Camp took place between Aug. 14 and 20 at the Wellman Lake United Church Camp, giving youth ages 10–14 the opportunity to experience a variety of fishing and outdoor adventures, along with learning valuable tools to becoming a responsible and successful angler.
The camp is designed to inform and motivate campers to pursue the duties of utilizing, sustaining and respecting fisheries and nature, pairing this with a whole lot of fun and fishing.
The camp has become so popular that this year they had to split it into two groups to accommodate all of the interested young anglers.
“We had 49 total campers this year with 24 in Camp No. 1 and 25 in Camp No. 2,” said SVSFE Fisheries Technician Brock Koutecky. “We can only efficiently accommodate approximately 25 campers at a time and we were able to max out both camps.”
As in some of the past year’s camps, expert Manitoba angler Don Lamont joined the team of educators to help build the camper’s skills.
“He has always been actively involved in youth angling initiatives and he provided both camps with a very good presentation regarding sustainable angling, catch and release tips, how to catch different species and how to approach catching them,” said Koutecky.
“His knowledge and experience was invaluable in the context of catching children’s attention and being able to communicate the technical aspects of fishing in terms that children can resonate. He also took as many groups out fishing as he could in his time at camp. The kids loved it!”
Lamont shared his gratitude for the SVSFE group and what they are doing for youth with this camp.
“Camps like this are way too rare in this part of the world,” he said. “They provide a much needed link between youth and their environment.
“I helped out at the camp two years ago and this year I got to fish with some of the same anglers who had been their previously, Kane and Seth McCullough. Their improvement was eye opening to say the least.
“I am sure many of the young people at the camp will grow up to become valued members of SVSFE and continue the great work this group is doing,” Lamont concluded.