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Road warriors for multiple sclerosis


Earlier this summer, the Star and Times covered the athletic journey of Rob McDonald as he trained and raised money with Team Valley MS Road Fighters for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) support and research before heading out on the 135 kilometre MS Gimli Bike Tour, which took place from Aug. 26-27.
In a similar vein, for the same cause, Team Evolve Chiropractic has also been raising money this summer for the MS Society of Canada before heading out on the MS Riding Mountain Challenge, a daunting 150 kilometre ride that starts in Dauphin on Sept. 9, sends cyclists to Onanole on the other side of Riding Mountain National Park before sending them back down the mountain the following day.
Team Evolve Chiropractic, associated with the local chiropractic clinic of the same name in Swan River, consists of the husband and wife team of Graeme Brown and Dr. Kylie Dutchyshen, and joined by McDonald, who has been around the block, so to speak, more often when it comes to long distance road biking.
“This is definitely going to be our longest ride,” said Dutchyshen.
Last year, Brown and Dutchyshen clocked in the miles for the Kids with Cancer Society, in which they could ride for as many kilometres as they wanted during the month of June.
“We haven’t really done 150 kilometres over two days,” said Brown. “I’ve done a couple of 100 kilometre rides in a few hours this summer, but we haven’t done anything with those hills.”
Brown and Dutchyshen admitted that they are relatively new to road biking.
“Back (at my home) in Nova Scotia, I just did mountain biking, so when I moved out here, Kylie and I decided that we both have done a lot of mountain biking, and wanted to challenge ourselves in a different way.”
Both have done a lot of training this year, spending many evenings on their slick, new road bikes riding out to the Pretty Valley region from their home in Swan River, as well as participate in a road race in Fort Qu’appelle, Sask. earlier in the summer.
“(That race) was an eye-opener for the upcoming one,” said Brown. “(We biked) 72 kilometres that day, and there were lots of hills.”
While they estimated that the race in Fort Qu’appelle had approximately 200 participants, they are expecting the roads for the MS Riding Mountain Challenge to be a lot more crowded.
Riding for MS is important to them because of those that they know who are afflicted with MS, including family, friends, and those they have gotten to know through their business.
“At our work, we posted that we are riding, so we’ve had patients that have donated and shared their stories of their family members that have it,” said Dutchyshen. “We are riding for Swan River community people that are affected by MS.”
“We are so grateful for all the donations and support from everyone in this community,” Brown added. “Most of the donations that we’ve raised are from patients that live in the Swan River area.”
It’s not too late to offer support before Team Evolve Chiropractic heads up the slopes of Riding Mountain National Park this weekend. To make a donation online, search for MS Riding Mountain Challenge, click donate on the website, find the Evolve Chiropractic team, and pledge directly to any team member.
MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system, and affects an estimated one in 340 Canadians. The disease affects our nation particularly, with Canada having the most cases per capita of any other country in the world.
Medical science is researching how to better treat it and prevent it, but support is needed to continually fund the research to fight against Canada’s disease.

Jeremy Bergen