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Hot, Hot, Hot Days down on the grounds

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  • August 1, 2017
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The midway rides have been taken down and packed away into the trucks and the horses and their drivers have rolled up their campers, making their way home along the dusty trail.
The NorthWest Round-up and Exhibition has come to an end after five days of family fun and rides from July 26-30.
“Attendance this year was great even though it was super hot all weekend,” said Swan River Valley Agricultural Society President Evelyn Immerkar.
“It is unbelievable how many people still came to the grounds everyday despite of the weather and they enjoyed all the rides and the food.”
Immerkar noted that the exhibits have been growing in popularity since introducing some new categories.
“There has been so many exhibits – especially the junior crafts and the horticulture – and the home craft is starting to grow and same with the baking and all the men’s exhibits,” she said. It’s exciting,
“The wine making turned out great and all the judges got to get together at the end to taste the wine.
“That is how fairs originally started before in 1901, to educate people on how to bake, sew and how to can because that is what people had to do years ago,” continued Immerkar.
This is her second year of being the president of the agricultural society, after taking over last year.
“Last year, the rodeo hit a long weekend and that collides with all the different fairs all over the place so, this year, since we did not hit a long weekend, everybody comes here,” said Immerkar.
“Even this morning, we were visiting with a couple from England- they are doing a cross-Canada tour and they saw on the internet that Swan River is having a rodeo so they came to check it out and they sure had lots of fun.”
“There are lots of people from all over the place, from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and I met some from Toronto and now we are becoming famous,” continued Immerkar.
All the favourite food booths were back open with one new addition this year.
“We have the Vietnamese food truck come and I am sure they had a good turn out so we will see if they will come back next time,” said Immerkar.”
“It was so hot but there was so many hungry people and I honestly cannot remember a time when there was so many line ups and the crowd was that huge.”
Harvey MacFarlane from Summerbery, Sask. brought eight Clydesdale horses and showed them off during the parade last Friday morning as well as each day on the grounds, supplementing the rodeo action.
“The races were fantastic and it was all very exciting,” said Immerkar. “And, our eight horse hitch was amazing,”
This year, an extra day on Wednesday celebrated Canada’s 150th anniversary with chuckwagon races, fireworks display and the entertainment for the night which was the Travellin’ Band.
“We also had an appreciation supper that day for all the sponsors and volunteers and it was an amazing supper with roast pork and roast beef,” said Immerkar.
“A number of people were commenting that those fireworks were amazing and it was beautiful.”
Ken Thompson and Brittney Moore were the entertainers for the Friday night dance and Kendra Kay on Saturday night for The Kickin’ Country Cabaret.
“Friday night was the dancing crowd, soon as they got there they were all dancing but it was an older crowd but they all had a great time, said entertainment committee member Phyl Friesen”
“The talent stage was a great turn out as well and it was Zack Richards who won first place out of all the six finalists and there was also locals Emily Simpson who got an honorable mention and Keara Pierrepont.”
As with every year, a number of volunteers and organizations helped with rodeo preparations and clean up.
“There were excellent volunteers this year and we had so many of them who helped with all the cleaning in the grandstands,” said Immerkar.
“When people come and volunteer like that, that is what makes a community event when everybody just pitches in.”
“The sponsors were all so generous in donating money so we can award prizes so that is the community outside, all the businesses and there are the volunteers who come in to put everything together and all the booths who work for their own organizations,” continued Immerkar.
Immerkar has also mentioned some of the plans and ideas the committee has for next year’s rodeo.
“We are all so excited for next year already because we already have a list going of the things we need to improve and improvements are always good,” she said.
“We are just thinking of different ways to make people come through and make it comfortable for them, easier to see, and just easier to access for everyone.”