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Walking away a little wiser


May we all do a little bit better than the first time, learn a little something from the worst times, get a little stronger from the hurt times.

– Florida Georgia Line


Last Friday (June 30) dawned as the start of a new journey for 88 Swan Valley Regional Secondary School graduates who walked across the stage of the school’s gymnasium the prior afternoon to receive their high school diplomas.

The ceremony was full of nostalgia for the past four years while looking ahead to tomorrow with the theme ‘Walk Away Wiser’.

“First off, I would like to thank every single graduate sitting here in front of me for making my years of school unforgettable,” said Valedictorian Eric Galuschuk, recapping a little from each of their years spent at the school.

“So, I say to my fellow grads, make today count as this may be the last day you may see the person on your left or right, for quite some time.”

Drawing his speech to a close, Galuschuk looked forward to the future the grads all anticipate while reflecting on the many achievements his classmates have already experienced.

“No matter where you come from, what you have or don’t have, what you lack or what you have too much of, all you need is an undying passion for what you do or what you choose to do in this life, and it will pay off in the end,” he said.

Galuschuk’s valedictory address was a fitting completion to an evening that opened with the grand march, as graduates proudly took their seats to Pomp and Circumstance, performed by the Swan Valley School Band and directed by SVRSS band instructor Glenda Turton, who then conducted O Canada.

Michelle Baudin was the master of ceremonies and provided some tips for life beyond high school between the speeches and presentations.

Words of congratulations were shared by SVSD Board Kelli Riehl, SVRSS Principal Kevin Kopecky, and guest speaker SVRSS Educator Austen Anderson.

The final march was performed by the Red Bird Drum Group.

Following the ceremony, graduates continued the celebrations with a banquet held at the Swan River Community Centre followed by Safegrad for one final evening together as friends and classmates.